August 19, 2016

Stacked China

I made this stacked coins quilt for my friend Maya using blue & white to go with her living room decor. I think it looks like stacked China dishes. I quilted her favourite quote into the quilt...

"What we desire for ourselves,
we wish for all."

by J.S. Woodsworth

(photo by Selep Imaging)

I decided to go with linen for the long strips and binding because it set off the blue & white beautifully. I love linen. It looks good with everything! I free-motion quilted meandering lines and the words, and hand-embroidered a running stitch along the edges of the linen strips.

I found the perfect fabric for the back. It is a blue & white Asian style cotton print of birds on branches. I lost track of where I purchased it online. I used every last piece in the quilt. It wasn't quite large enough for the back after using some for the front so I added a large white border of text fabrics including a fabulous newspaper print.

Maya and her kids loved the quilt. Both of my cats thought that the quilt was extra comfortable too! Get off the quilt, Opal! I still need to embroider it...

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Dear Laurraine, the quilt for your friend is beautiful!! As always. Really, I like the result - it looks so nice.
    Have a great time - yes, with your cup of tea and sewing machine :)

  2. Oh, I love it! The colors are so pleasing. Well done!

  3. I love your extra details, the quote quilted in and the newsprint, beautiful

  4. Beautiful photos. As a lover of shades of blue your quilt is superb. You also have a beautiful cat! Thanks for sharing.

  5. So glad you are posting more projects! They are always so inspirational. This quilt is beautiful. I will have to try quilting words.

  6. Just beautiful! and I think it SHOULD be called "Stacked China".... looks so much like the dishes in the photo.... and why is it that our kitties always want to lay on our newly quilted or sewn projects? It seems to always be the case! The back is so pretty and love the newsprint too..... just a gorgeous job you did.. and love that quote. I love all of your patterns on Etsy.. one of these days I'm going to get me some!

  7. Beautiful quilt and I love the quilting details.... Perfect!!! Your cat is got blues!!💕

  8. Stunning makes, as always, Laurraine! Just love your owl, it is so 'you'! You are such an inspiration, sweetie! xoxo

  9. Stunning makes, as always, Laurraine! Just love your owl, it is so 'you'! You are such an inspiration, sweetie! xoxo


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