August 4, 2016

Forest Friends

It seems like everything I make recently has mushrooms in it! If it's not a cake decorated with meringue mushrooms or a little painting of mushrooms then it's a quilt!

I always start my projects with a sketch that I scan into the computer and print it out the actual size. This usually means taping a bunch of paper together.

Sometimes I change small things like adding an extra flower or removing the ferns. In the original drawing, the tree was slanted and the ground was curved but for ease of making a pattern I decided to make the tree & ground straight.

Then I lay my pattern on the ground and start playing with fabrics! This is where my studio becomes a hurricane! For this quilt, I used the Freezer Paper Applique technique.

I trace the reverse of my pattern pieces onto the paper-side of the freezer paper and iron them to the back of the fabrics. Starch helps a lot when pressing the fabric around to the back. The entire quilt was free-motion quilted including attaching all the appliques.

I embellished the quilt with details such as hand embroidery & stamping, and fake felt buttons so it would be baby-safe.

It's just so cute that I can't stop taking pictures!!

I must admit that I fell in love with the finished quilt like I do with practically everything I make! It was difficult for me to give it away but it was totally worth it after all the smiles it created! I think Max likes it!

I feel like this quilt needs a better title... Any thoughts?

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Love the fox in her lair! Would like a lair quilt! And always looking for nice tag for quilts: nice idea the mushroom! Would be grat with an embrodery!!!

  2. That is the cutest quilt and so it the baby it is going to. I love everything you make too and am always waiting to see what comes next. This one is extra special!

  3. Your work is SO EXQUISITE! You have the most beautiful free-motion stitching I've ever seen. This design just took baby quilts to a new high. If I were going to name this masterpiece, I'd call it "Max's Enchanted Forrest" - this is clearly a very enchanted place.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing design, and for showing your process. I really enjoyed this.

  4. The quilt is absolutely amazing! I offer a title "Forest tales" or "Fairy tales from the forest".
    Thank a lot for the pleasure!

  5. Wow. It`s just fantastic,love everything about it!

  6. What a wonderful quilt! Thanks for lots of photos and sharing how you make quilts like this. You really are a quilt artist!

  7. You are very gifted; the design, the choice of fabric and colour, not to mention your skill with the sewing machine. I am aware of the expense and time involved too. Congratulations! Max is a lucky little boy.

  8. Beautiful, wonderful!!!
    Andrea and I made a similar quilt. Visit the following link:
    Have a nice weekend,

  9. I am totally in love with this beautiful quilt! The pattern is sooo cute and I really like the colours you always choose! I have so many projects laying on the side, just because I´m afraid of the machine quilting... Do you have any suggestions regarding this? Lots of love from Austria!

  10. Hi Gabi,

    Practice on small things like mug rugs or placemats. Writing is the easiest because it comes naturally. You can also doodle the design on paper until you are comfortable with the design. Practice on scraps to get the right tension and speed. Sometimes it is better to keep the feed dogs engaged rather than dropping them. Whatever works best for you :o)

    Good Luck & Have fun quilting!
    Hugs, Laurraine

  11. The colours, the design, and all those little details... make this design and quilt so totally beautiful!! I'm sure that Max will enjoy it and treasure it for years to come! Beautiful! xoxo

  12. The colours, the design, and all those little details... make this design and quilt so totally beautiful!! I'm sure that Max will enjoy it and treasure it for years to come! Beautiful! xoxo

  13. Maravilhosa, terna e perfeita!!!! Parabéns!

  14. Love this quilt!! This is exactly what my daughter wants for her baby.. do you have a pattern I could purchase?


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