August 20, 2016

Teacup Coaster & an Owl

I didn't really decide to sew a tiny coaster on the hottest day of the year in my attic studio... it just happened!

I needed something to put under my ice water to soak up the droplets dribbling down the sides of my jar. I have a bunch of mug rugs but I wanted something smaller this time, and I wanted to include a little teacup applique because (believe it or not) I don't have anything with a teacup!

I tried a few decorative stitches on my machine but only the last two flowers were aligned even though they came out perfectly on the scrap. A few years back I would have picked out every tiny stitch of that row and re-sewed it but I'm slowly challenging my perfectionism. Besides, the coaster is only for me... and it was way too hot up there to stay a moment longer than needed!

I'm currently working on a new owl ornament pattern requested by Kay who has made over 100 of my bird ornaments and wanted another simple animal or bird ornament pattern to give as gifts. It's tough to come up with something new when it has already been done so many different ways. I think I've made an owl that is my style... I was thinking about calling it "Owl on a Stick" but it will probably end up just being called "Owl Ornament".

What do you think of my owl?

It has been so hot the past few days. I have been meeting my friend Jana at the air-conditioned cafe down the street for some mindless colouring in the squelching hot afternoon heat!

The vegetables in my garden aren't complaining, neither are the plums or grapes. And when It's time to water the garden, half the water ends up on me!

Enjoy your afternoon tea ice water & quilted crafts :o)


  1. so envious of your beautiful veggies! I like the owl and especially the tea matt. I find mats that size very useful and have two in my sewing area just to keep a drink near me at all times!

  2. Your owl is really fantástic and very original!

  3. Like the tiny. According to choosing "the proper stitch" the same is with me. Many times I finally go on straight stitch. Sometimes I wander is it really a must having so many decorative stitches.

  4. That coaster is darling! The owl is pretty cute, too.

  5. OI Laurraine.
    Fiquei admirada você falando do calor, pois aqui no Brasil temos, no verão dias com 40 a 44 graus!!! Fiquei me questionando o quanto estaria aí...kkkk
    Estamos quase no fim do inverno e tivemos dias de 12 graus o que já é muito frio pra nós...é como se fosse o incômodo do seu verão. Seus trabalhos são lindos, sempre recebo e leio tudo com atenção. Gostaria de um dia que você também me respondesse. Você não usa WhatsApp ? Também faço alguns trabalhos de patch work, tenho um ateliê na minha casa e tem dias que o calor também incomoda.kkk
    Vou te enviar algumas coisas que ja fiz e que tem muita aceitação aqui. Bjs
    Caso queira ver outros trabalhos meus, curta minha página no Facebook chamada No Jardim Secreto, tem um coração cheio de pássaros na imagem.Bjs

  6. Hello there,I immediately thought of the saying STICKY BEAK as I saw your lovely are clever and this guy hits the spot with cuteness! Regards Betty from Australia


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