June 26, 2008

Things for my Shop

One bag finished... only 17 TeaCup, CoffeeMug & Hot Cocoa pouches, and 20 House Tape Measures to go! This bag is now in my SHOP!

It might take me a while to get through this pile now with the summer weather finally starting to arrive (very late this year). My plan is to sew up a storm after my daughter goes to bed and have tape measures ready to finish hand-sewing while she plays at the park the next day... That is the plan anyway ;o)


Dolci Fusa said...

I love the bag!!
Where do you find these beautiful fabrics?
I can now appreciate a more bigger pictures. Do you know you can upload bigger picture in Flickr and post them directly to the blog?

Tine said...

Everything looks so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I like your bags very much and I want buy one, but I'm from Russia, from Moscow, so I can't order your bag. Cold you make some master class for people, like me?
I like all your works, they are wonderful!!! You are very talanted person!
God bless!

Laurraine Yuyama said...

Thanks Veronica!

I have lots of cute fabric from Japan! I played with the photo set-up for a couple weeks... The Flickr to blog thing didn't work well for me... I could only figure out how to post one photo at a time and then link the photo in my blog to the Flickr page. I think I am happy with the layout now and have finally figured out how to fix my broken image links...YAY!

Kicsoda said...

These wips look so great and promising together!! I have a bag with things I can sew by hand or knitting stuff for the park too:-)

patchwitch said...

Dear Lurraine,
I have found your blog and flicr with the help of kicsoda weeks ago and I am always happy to read and see what you have done. I hope you don't mind but I added to my bloglist on my blog. If you want me to pick your blog down, please let me know.
I love the fabric you use and I love your taste in combining them.

iSew said...

Gorgeous! I can barely get things made now, I don't know how I'll do it when I have kids.

francy said...

Beautiful bag! I can't wait to see your new pouches!

Aniza said...

lovely bag indeed! and I love Japanese fabric too but very pricey for me LOL...so I enjoy very much looking at your gallery and shop

Creative Mind said...

I love your work,so decent...very very nice..