August 29, 2010

Books & Zippers

Things change...

I have decided to take more of a pattern-design route in my life as most of you already know. Designing the first two issues for Quilter's Connection Magazine was fun and a great learning experience but also quite stressful. It didn't leave much time in my life to focus on my own patterns so I decided it was time to move on. I still design a page now & then or help out with photography or patterns but at a much more toned down level. What I learned is already helping me on my path to my own pattern-making.

Click on the image to get a sneak peek inside!

Several months ago, I was contacted by a new Taiwanese sewing book called Cotton Life to join their team as one of their main designers. This quarterly magazine has a Japanese flair with photos for every step which makes it easy to follow even if you can't read Chinese! I have always dreamed of being part of such a book and I am very excited to once again be published in another language!

For issue No.3 (my first issue), I designed a quilted bag, pouch & keychain set. Now why I designed a round zippered pouch I will never know! Sewing zippers into round bags is DIFFICULT! I tried many ways but I soon realized that sewing them by machine was NOT an option for me! So I decided to do it the Japanese way and sew it in by hand!

The first two pouches were good but the zippers stuck out the sides and I didn't like the loose lining.

The final pouch consisted of two tiny round pillow-cased quilts. I also set the zipper further back so it wouldn't be noticeable from the front.

I was very happy with the finished product... yet another pattern I must add to my list! Send an e-mail directly to Cotton Life to PURCHASE A COPY. For those of you who can wait, I will be adding a few copies of each issue to my Etsy Shop :o)

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Hi,
    I love your work, congratulations! Hugs from Costa Rica!

  2. Yaaay! It looks fabulous in print! Almost as good as in real life! I love that last picture with the three little pouches - I want them all!

  3. Congratulations on your new patterns they are so lovely as always. very cute. I am glad you share this with the world.

  4. Beautiful - I wish I could get my hands on that magazine!

  5. Thank you!
    You can buy a copy from I have linked to it in the post. I also may be purchasing some extra copies to sell in my Etsy shop :o)

  6. wow, those are beautiful and congrats on joining their team, how exciting!

  7. Oh WOW Laurraine!!!

    I really love this project... but then I love everything you design! I would love to purchase a copy but can't work out how to change the site to English language so that I know what I'm clicking on! LOL Also sweetie, is it still possible to purchase the first copy of the Canadian magazine you had a project in?

    I'm so glad you are taking a path that you love... back with your designing. Following your heart always leads to happiness and new opportunities arise when we are open to receiving them! I'm so happy for you! :-)

    All the best and I look forward to seeing new designs in the future!

    Big smiles! Vikki :-) xx

  8. Congratulations for beeing publishd in a foreign language! A shame that I´m not into Chinese and we don´t have these adorable mags here in Germany and in german.

    It´s sooo good that you are returning to the things you love doing most, considering your creativity there will be a lot of your lovely designs yet to come!



  9. Copies of Cotton Life can be purchased by e-mail: cottonlife.service(at)

  10. I do ANYTHING to avoid zips! That is particularly good stitching to coach a zip into a curve. And a beautiful finished item! Just a teensy question. Would it have been easier to use a "between" needle? Perhaps this would not have shown up so well on the picures? ;o)

  11. I love your work! The last photo is so adorable, small purses for little girls? I will send for copy right away.
    Grettings from Sweden

    Karin på Ösäter

  12. Your gallery is pure enchantment.
    It's great to come here whenever you prepare a post ..
    I'm glad the days!
    Congratulations on your inspiration.
    I'm your fan.
    Hugs from Brazil
    God bless you!!!

  13. Congratulaton, Laurraine
    I really love your work.
    God keep blessing ur hands.

  14. I adore your works. Amazing colours and everything looks so unique.
    Best regards
    Jo & cats

  15. I love your work, your site is wonderful, see you, bye-bye!!!

  16. Parabéns, seus trabalhos são lindos!

  17. Congratulations on such a great opportunity!! <3

  18. So good to be here again! Your work is dreamy, Laurraine! I will try to get this magazine!!
    Tight hugs!! Bela.

  19. Go, girl, go! You deserves the TOP!!! Kisses from an Brazilian fan!

  20. Congratulations! What new and interesting proposals arise in your life! You deserve it! Kisses, Patricia Neri

  21. I love what you did! Especially the keychain. So cute!
    And I am so happy that I am not the only one who sometimes does things by hand rather than with the machine. :-)

  22. Allabitrandom: In answer to your question above. Perhaps it would be easier to use a between needle for this project. However my favourite needles are #12 embroidery needles. They are pretty much all I ever use. I don't like to use thimbles and these needles allow me to push hard without skewering my fingers :o) (and they are good for pics too!) Hugs, L

  23. That´s sooo sweet! Thanks a lot for this inspiration!
    And I sometimes like to sew by hand, so is the beautifull methode with the zipper a good chance for coming down at the evening :-)

  24. Ciao, sono Roberta e ti scrivo da Milano.
    Il tuo stile creativo mi piace davvero molto...le tue creazioni sono meravigliose sia nelle forme che negli abbinamenti di stoffe e colori.
    Volevo chiedereti se esiste una versione in italiano dei tuoi libri e dei tuoi pattern.
    un caro saluto

  25. maravilloso,grandioso.
    Best wishes

  26. Oh, Laurraine, your round pouches are so wonderful! I love the final photo of all three - beautiful. Congratulations on this, your latest success!

  27. I have had a long summer blog break and need to catch up with you. This magazine looks beautiful and I am so happy to read that you will be working on your own designs. The crafting world need more Laurraine projects! You have such a beautful style and I feel so lucky for having one of your projects!

    Next will be to try to make one! :-)

  28. Gorgeus.
    I've stopped my QC supscription, the difference between the last issues and the first is evident.

  29. am glad you worked out what works for you. full time work on a magazine would not leave much time for your own designs.

    i like to see the organic way you design...i am a tad like that myself!

  30. Hola Laurraine,hace rato que sigo tu blog, lo habia perdido ,peo lo encontre y me encanta todo lo tuyo soy tu seguidora..un saludo desde argentina.

  31. Hallo Laurraine ..

    Dein Blog und deine Arbeiten sind wunder schön. Leider kann ich nicht alles lesen, da ich nicht soviel English verstehe...(schade dass ich keinen Translater auf deinem blog finden konnte :-)).
    Ich komme gerne wieder, es sind so schöne Dinge, die du machst!

    LG Klaudia from Germany

  32. that's so beautiful... i really love the work you do.
    In my blog there are 2 Key cases made by my mum...
    Tell me what are you thinking of ?
    Sorry for my poor english
    Alice from France

  33. What an increadible work! An inspiration!! I would like to ask you some help. I'm going to Canada for some days...Which stores could you recommend me to buy patch in Toronto or Montreal? I'm from Brazil and I noticed that in Canada there are a lot of soooooo beautiful things! Thank you very much!

  34. Greetings from Taiwan! I was browsing through Flickr and found your "houses". They are fabulous! Congrats on the great article in the magazine.

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