June 25, 2010

Tea Cozy & Garden Party

Enjoying ourselves at a local Tea House, my friend mentioned that she needed a tea cozy and was going to buy one from the gift shop. I immediately told her that I would not allow her to purchase one and that I would make her one... enter the deluxe patchwork tea cozy with two different sides!

The quote that I embroidered along the bottom, I borrowed from a vintage cross-stitch that my friend gave to me recently. It reads "Come into my kitchen and chat with me while I prepare a pot of tea." I think it may be my new favourite tea phrase!

It suddenly appeared on her teapot during our Wednesday night tea time... she almost cried :o)

As my family and I were entering a cafe, I spotted this license plate! I jumped up and down pointing at it. My hubby thought I was insane but I managed to get him to sneak a photo for me!

I turned 37 on June 13th. I made my own birthday cake this year which was polished off in minutes near the end of my small garden party :o) I usually don't like to make layer cakes because of the mess it makes when you try to cut the layers. This time I baked thin layers that looked like giant cookies. No cutting, no crumbs, no mess! PERFECT... especially with fresh strawberries and whipped cream!

I had a lovely afternoon enjoying my friends and my garden. Many thanks for all the birthday wishes I received via e-mail, flickr , and facebook too!!!

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Happy birthday!! You're just a baby! And your caked looked so yummy!!
    I just had to tell you that I LOVE the tea cozy...and I don't blame your friend for being overcome...how thoughtful are you!! It is perfect the way you made the swirls of steam coming out of the little teapot and the little verse...so adorable!! And the red 'tea' truck MATCHES the tea cozy...no wonder you were jumping up and down!! ha ha
    Take care!

  2. That tea cosy is to die for. What a lucky friend. Happy birthday and that cake looks fab.

  3. Wow your tea cosy is great, is there a pattern for it? Happy Birthday your cake looks yummmmmmmmmmmmy.

  4. Lovely tea cosy!
    And Happy belated Birthday!!!!
    Lovely cake too.

    PS My birthday was on June 16th and I bought a cake for the first time in many years. Felt good in a way but looking at yours, makes me bake one now :)

  5. Happy birthday!!!

    I really like the things you make. This tea cozy is not an exception.

  6. Happy belated birthday! I've recently discovered your blog and that tea cosy is adorable :-) I see you are also a talented cake baker too!

    Sarah x

  7. Happy birthday! Your cake looks delicious.
    But the tea cosy gorgeous, your friend must have been really happy to receive it. Love bot sides of it.
    Your blog was the first one I started reading years ago and you still amaze me with everything you publish. Loved your pottery and love your patchwork goodies.

  8. I send belated Geburstagsgüße ...
    Your tea cozy is beautiful,

    kind regards

  9. Best wishes on your just passed birthday. The tea cozy is divine, I especially like the handle/hook bead detail, lovely!

  10. Muchas felicidades, tienes unos trabajos fantasticos. Besos

  11. Congratulations, the Teekanne soooo is beautiful
    lg Enga

  12. Dear, Lorraine, I really enjoy your work and the way you write! Your blog is one of my favorites!! Thanks!!!
    The cake looks delicious and your garden is cozy! Happy birthday Lorraine! Brazilian kisses, Bela.

  13. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    Ohhhh...I love your blog (again...) and your photos are....wonderfull!!!!!!
    It's a perfect project!!!! I love the color of the fabrics!!!! (My English it's horrible!!!! I'm sorry!!!!)

    A kiss from Spain!!!
    Thank you!!!!

  14. Happy Birthday!....I love your work ...

  15. Happy Birthday you young thing. :) Love your tea cozy I have made dozen's of tea cozies. Took 22 of them to friends when we went to England a few years ago. Your blog is wonderful

  16. Here I am back again. I just went back on your blog and saw that you moved etc. I have missed all your fun. Enjoy your new home and happy creating. Your work is wonderful and so nice to see a young girl love to make crafts etc. I am a tea girl and sewer too.

  17. Lovely tea-cosy, lovely story: thanks for sharing it Laurraine!

    Happy belated birthday - I hope it was a good one.


  18. I love the bright fabrics you used in your tea cozy...and the embroidery made it extra special!

  19. happy birthday!!! what a gorgeous garden you have, and you all look so happy celebrating your birthday! The cake looks fab!!!
    I am completely utterly in love with the teacozy.. it doesn't even seem true.. it's BEAUTIFUL, no no, it's actually a PIECE OF ART!

    Hugs and thanks for the inspiration you always give to me.


  20. No wander she was crying, teapot cozy is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    and happy birthday to you!!!!!!

  21. Joyeux Anniversaire de France
    I love your tea cozy
    Cordialement Chris H

  22. You are also a Twin! I'm from 11 of June :)

    I would never, ever say that you turned 37, i always thought that you are around 30. Good for you!

    Your friend is really lucky to have friend willing to make something so nice for her!

    Have a happy Sunday!

  23. Your gift to your friend is exquisite...I would have cried too! I love the colors and the stitching. Happy belated birthday.

  24. everytime I see that tea cozy I love it more! I can understand why your friend was overcome! I can also understand why your birthday cake disappeared so fast - it looks delicious!! SUch a talented lady you are!

  25. Hi Laurraine, Don't worry about your husband thinking you were insane for jumping up and down over the tea thing....I understand it! lol. Love your cake, I bet so did everyone else. Hope you had a great day. Kind regards, Anita.

  26. happy birthday !
    your tea-cosy is so lovely!

    greetings from germany

  27. Fabulous tea-cozy - what a good friend you are! Happy belated birthday!

  28. OMG! LOVE the cozy! Love tea too! Can't go wrong with a beautiful tea cozy! Happy birthday too!

  29. I turned 34 on June 13th. hihihi
    Happy B-day to you :))
    I love your blog.
    kisses from Brazil.

  30. Your tea cozy is absolutely wonderful! Oh, I'm so excited!
    And Happy Birthday to you! Wish all your dreams come true :)

    Best wishes,

  31. Happy belated birthday!
    As always, your work is gorgeous! And I can absolutely understand, why you jumped up and down looking at this car and its license plate.
    Taking the risk of dropping a brick: Are you going to be 4 in your family soon?

  32. Happy Birthday Laurraine! Hope you had a great day, and wonderful wishes for the next year. Love the tea cosy - that design is worthy of publication! Paula

  33. Happy,happy birthdaaaaay !!
    Good day,my friend.

  34. Laurreine Congratulations! Thank you for sharing such special moments of your life ... please visit my blog and leave a comment, would be a great honor for me. kisses!!!

  35. L - what a sweet, sweet tea cozy. You did a wonderful job on it and the quote is just perfect.

    Your garden birthday (and cake) looked so lovely - happy, happy birthday!!

  36. Happy birthday!!!!!
    Your blog is so wonderful!!!!!!
    Fabulous tea-cozy!!!!!
    "Spanish kisses" from Switzerland !!!!

  37. Wow! I absolutely love that tea cozy. The quilted steam detailing MAKES it! And I totally get your freak out over the TEA license plate (but don't tell anyone, then they'll think we're both nuts!)

  38. ciao sono susanna e sono italiana,ho scoperto il tuo blog e devo farti i mie complimenti,sei bravissima,strepitosa!!!!
    se vuoi visitare il mio
    nuovo blog.......
    ciao e ancora complimenti

  39. Happy Birthday to you !
    The hand-quilted tea cozy is very
    Thank you to show us your very creative and wonderfoul handy crafts.
    Your blog is great i love it !
    greetings from Bavaria ( Germany )

  40. Hi, my name is Claudia and I'm from Brazil. I loved your blog, I also make patchwork and I have this book that I saw in your page.

    Your daughter is very beautiful.

  41. Bonjour de Belgique,

    J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites.
    Vos projets égayent le quotidien, c'est super!
    J'ai d'ailleurs mis un lien sur mon blog pour venir vous visiter...

    Merci de nous faire rêver

  42. Minha querida , não falo sua lingua, mas nem preciso porque seus trabalhos são encantadores.


  43. Belated Happy Birthday what a yummy looking cake...♥ the tea cozy you made for your friend how lucky she is do you have a pattern for it or could you do a tutorial would love to make one thanks!

  44. Hi, your site is wonderful!!!
    I've seen your hand work and I love it.
    I hope you visit my blog and we'll keep in touch.
    You should have a translator, please.
    See you, bye,bye to España!!!

  45. hye,happy b'dy,happy always...
    your site is wonderful n like your handmade...

  46. Coup de coeur pour le premier cache-théière !!! J'adore, j'adore !!!

  47. I miss your posts. I am always curious to know what your next creation will be.
    Before I started reading your blog I never thought about learning how to sew. I mean, I know the basics, but now I want to learn the real thing. I have even been searching for a sewing machine already. Who knew?
    Thank you for sharing your work with us!

  48. It is just like your tea to you! I just discovered your blog! and I loooooooooooove it!! tahnsk so much for such beautifuk inspiration! I will come back all the time! and Have a great new year of life!! have a great creative day!

  49. gosh that cake looks lovely, I could just eat it now nom nom!

  50. arlo
    i m sherene frm malaysia
    i love ur craftworks...i will keep ur blog under mine...
    muakss...nice knowing u

  51. Beautiful work! Have always admired your blog!

  52. Hello...

    I love your blog very much...
    And your work is so beautiful!!

    I have some guestions for you, and I can't mail you on the normal way, please can you keep in contact with me.???

    This is my web-site

    I hope to hear from you soon...

    Sweet greetings from Holland,

  53. Hi Lorainne....
    My name is indri from Indonesia. I just found your web/blog and am very much intersted and love all your crafts work. Especially the tea cozy, I just think of making like that myself. May I know how big is it? I am waiting for your reply. Thanks for your kindness.

  54. wow ! impressive and mouthwatering thanks for sharing this post . i hope you have an idea about garden wind spinners nice decor too in any events.

  55. Hi
    I've just found your lovely patchwork tea cosy on Pinterest. I was wondering if you hand embroidered the sentence, or is it made by a fancy machine?

  56. Hi Georgina,
    The words are hand-embroidered using 6 strands of floss and a small backstitch :o)
    Hugs & Happy Quilting,

  57. Lovely designs to do. Thankyou for sharing. Love and fond regards to you dear.


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