April 23, 2009

Spring Things

Spring has arrived at last and I am filling my days with Spring Things. The days of sun and warmth are more frequent now and instead of sitting at my sewing machine I have fun filling teapots with flowers that Claire has carefully picked from our yard. What better use for a teapot that dribbles!

We turned over a garden in the corner of our backyard and dream of harvesting fresh vegetables throughout summer and fall. It doesn't look like much but was a patch of grass and overgrown weeds a couple weeks ago. I will take some more photos once things start growing.

Claire has almost outgrown the skirts that I made for her last summer. I have chosen fabric for two new ones including a patchwork skirt using these Japanese fabrics I purchased from Matatabi. I also bought some brighter polkadot, check & stripey fabrics that absolutely reminded me of Spring!

And now I will share a bit of our Easter with you... I made a stuffed & lavender-filled fabric Easter egg for my Mom this Easter to go with her mug of flower seeds since she doesn't like chocolate. I wrapped it in a very sweet French Chocolate bag that I found at a local Japanese dollar store.

Claire had fun on her Easter egg hunt at Grandma & Grandpa's house, and she drew this wonderful picture of the Easter bunny for them.

I don't remember ever drawing this good when I was 4 1/2 years old! That's her own writing too! Yes, I am a proud mommy. I can't believe she will be starting school in September. She is growing up so fast! I look forward to the days when I will have more time to focus on designing & quilting :o)

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Claire is adorable, and whoa! an amazing artist! My nephew is the same age and creates nothing near that neat and complete! Also, it's a great sign when they add bulk/dimension to arms and legs instead of just using lines to show them. And, hello?! fingers and toes?!?

  2. Ooooooh my sweet Laurraine, it's been such a while, I'm so sorry ! :( I see you've been doing good & that you all had a MUCH creative Easter time ! Wow wow wow, is Claire so very handy & advanced for her age ! That bunny is too cute for words !!
    I hope you're all doing fine & enjoying spring to its fullest !!
    Thinking about you so much, my friend ! You take care, OK ?! oxoxoxo

  3. Your daughter is so cute!! my middle daughter has that kind of round cute babish face that I adore... Isn't hard to get to the sewing table with the nice weather??

  4. So many wonderful spring things here...I love the Japanese fabrics and love the beautiful Easter egg you made your mother. A beautiful gift wrap for the egg as well!

  5. What a gorgeous daughter! I must check out your Japanes fabric shop - I have a passion for them at the moment and they are hard to come by here xx

  6. Gorgeous, this Bunny is so cute....
    Thanks to Claire for her "Happy easter".

  7. Your beautiful daughter seems to be as talented as you are. My son just turned 4, but isn't even close to being able to write and draw like Claire.

  8. Your garden looks awesome! We started ours too, but it is more of a patio sized one.Claire's drawing is too cute too!!