March 23, 2009

Postal Paradise

the result of a whole month of swaps, giveaways & unexpected gifts is quite overwhelming. I have been spoiled rotten and it has been even better than Christmas! Very belated thanks to everyone for the all crafty goodness sent my way... now I must let all of you drool ;o)

Sonia of Cozy Memories sent me a wonderful surprise thank you package from France! The lavender-filled handmade strawberry along with some wonderful french soap infused the envelope with the most amazing smell! Claire loved the little unicorns too :o) If you click on the photo directly below you will be able to read notes on the photo...

I received a long-awaited package from my swap with Micol of RecycleMicol in Texas. The wooly acorns are amazing and I am still in awe of the handwoven purple ribbon! I also love the knitted dishcloths. I am not a knitter so I can't even begin to wonder how on earth she was able to knit a teacup into one of them! Micol also made a box of crocheted chocolates for Claire which I am trying really hard not to keep for myself! I am planning to do some stamping on the large white cloths that she wrapped everything in... my package was well-worth the wait! Click on the mosaic to see some more notes :o)

I also recieved a wonderful thank you package from my friend Francy of Matatabi. I buy most of my amazing Japanese fabric from her Etsy shop. We became instant friends after I met up with her at the Tokyo International Quilt Festival in January 2008. She is deprived of an oven (I wouldn't be able to live without one) so I have been sending cookie care packages every now and then! I never expected anything in return :o) The fabric, cotton crochet trims, buttons & tea are all adorable and exactly my style!! There are some notes if you click on the last photo in this set :o)

I must admit that my most recent cherished possession is this wonderful felt TeaHouse made by Anna of Annax in France. She sent me so many wonderful goodies which you can find out more about if you click on the photo of the table full of crafty goodness!

I just love how the TeaHouse is always open for ME! I adore all the watercolour transfers and handmade ribbon details that went into making this piece... truly amazing! Now I have to work on my end of the swap. I think making up for all the wonderful things she sent me will prove to be quite difficult :o)

These wonderful heart stuffies were a totally unexpected surprise from Sandrine Deleuze in Belgium... the best Valentines ever! Yes... the mirror is their permanent home :o)

If that's not enough mail, I also won a giveaway for this sweet little birdie heart ornament made by Mervi also known as Memmu in Finland. Look at all the other extra little goodies she sent... I love her handmade card, Moo MiniCard and the Tilda ribbon!

Finally, the results of the Birds of Change Exchange that I was part of in January. I received my birdies at the beginning of this month and love every one of them! Thank you to Regina of Creative Kismet for organizing the mega-swap! Click on the photo to see from where my birds migrated :o)

Oops! That didn't count all the stuff I bought...

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. wow wow !!! your blog is fantastic ...
    kiss from italy
    by Paoletta

  2. What fantastic goodies. Oh how I love the DARLING felt teahouse. Everything is so lovely.

  3. What wonderful treats to cherish!


  5. .... because you're worth it ! :D
    So glad you got so pampered via the mail, my friend ! You deserve to receive as you give a lot yourself.
    Much love your way, my sweet friend oxoxoxo

  6. what wonderful gifts (being jeolous) :( love that teacozy, my daughter would be also she just loves tea.

  7. Hola, tienes unas cosas hermosas !!
    te felicito
    desde argentina ♥

  8. SO happy that you're back! What a load of inspiration. I really want to start blogging, but I can't stop reading other people's for long enough to figure it all out!!-K

  9. Those are really wonderful treats! Thank you for sharing! Swaps are soo fun! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you and yours!

  10. What lovely things! I hope you enjoy them all in good health. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow - you got a lot of nice things.

    I love your poem book that you made - gorgeous!

  12. hi, i just found your blog, i love it such nice stuff x x noelle x

  13. Wow!!! Everything you got is really nice!!! Wonderful surprises!

  14. Oh Laurraine, I am still so very very happy my package made it to you safely, and you liked what I sent you!! *sitting here with a huge grin!!*

  15. Oh that tea house!!! It is incredible :D

  16. Glad to see you liked my package too... enjoy all the goodies :)!!! From everyone!
    Hugs, mervi

  17. hi
    i enjoy your blog i have added you to my bloglist happy easter

  18. blog precioso !!! te felicito ! tus trabajos son "so pretty"

    Con cariño.

  19. Someone are copying you?
    Look this:
    Sabrina from italy

  20. Seus trabalhos são lindos.

  21. tenes un blog hermoso, muy lindo y creativo!!Besos Maria R