February 12, 2009

Teacup Pouch Saves the Day!

I wanted to share this message from a very thankful customer a few months ago but I forgot! Better late than never...

Hi Laurraine,

I have a HUGE thank you to say - my teacup pouch saved all my money and cards from a burglar this week!

We had an intruder in the shop where I work. While we were all cutting ribbons and counting beads for the Christmas shoppers, he snuck downstairs and went through my bags. He stole my cell phone, and went through my lip balm/tablets pouch (which looks like a wallet) - everything was strewn all over the floor, but left in my bag was my dear teacup, rejected by the burglar and safely containing my £100 cash, bank cards, railcards and everything else important!! Hooray!!

Everyone should have a teacup pouch!

~Katie from Bristol, UK

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Your Teacup Pouch is fabulous! And a very heartwarming story--it's good to hear that sweetness won!

  2. Bless this lovely teacup pouch!
    Would have been terribly horrible to have valuables burgled during the holidays.

  3. Another unbelievable story! I'm so sorry your were robbed. Glad they didn't get your $ and cards!

    What is wrong with people!?!?

  4. Aww what a happy ending story ... so glad your pouch holded her essentials & that he apparently wasn't interested in your gorgeous pouch ... too bad for him & great for the lady ! Thanks for sharing this story with us. :) xoxo

  5. Soy una enamorada de tus trabajos. felicidades

  6. She has been lucky !

  7. Such a great story!! Teacup Pouch is fabulous! I need one too. n_n

    Here's wishing you a very merry happy LOVE day and a merry wonderful LOVE weekend! Lots of LOVE to you and yours!

  8. Love your teacup pouch. Do you sell them in your Etsy store? If so, I will have to go shopping. They are quite cute! Liz

  9. Wow This work is very very fantastic.
    kiss by italy

  10. Congratulations Laurraine !
    All you made is magnificient, gorgeous !
    With friendly

  11. What a story!
    Your teacups are so beautiful. :)

  12. I really adore your blog, and your work blows me away every time :) If you will go to my blog I have an Award there for you....

  13. Wow!! This Teacup Pouch is wonderful!!

  14. Hi!, I want one. How can i get one?




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