January 22, 2009

Winner & WIP

Today I was tidying up my magnetic board when I came across a little image of a shepherd woman under all the layers of ideas & inspiration (Please click on the image to see the notes).

About 7 years ago, it had inspired me to start a quilted version. I had lost my inspiration in the project and put it away knowing that one day I would be inspired again. It was forgotten at the very bottom of my basket of WIP. Today when I unfolded it, it was like opening a wonderful treasure! I am inspired once again...

My craftroom wall is much better now. The mold was only on the surface. My landlord cleaned it but not good enough for me so I scrubbed the remaining toxic mold with toxic cleaners and almost all traces are gone now... Life is good again!

And now I would like to thank each & every one of you who left a comment on my Giveaway post. It's really exciting to see how many people visit my blog! And now for the winner...

...and comment number 113 belonged to Jane S from Sweden!

Jane said:
Hi, I am living in Sweden and I follow your blog every time when it is possible. Love the things you do.
It would be great to win one of your birds
Greetings from
Jane in Sweden

Congratulations Jane! The little linen birdie will be flying home to you :o)

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Good news about the mould, and I love the refound project, its good when inspiration returns.

    Congrats to the winner! I'd be lieing if I said I was not dissapointed but I will now have to visit your store and choose one for myself!!!

    Happy stitching!
    X Alex

  2. Hi sweetie ! :) Congrats to the lucky winner ! :)
    Aaah I'm relieved to read that the landlord came to clean, but uh, you had to clean more after him ... MEN ! :D
    Just come from your Flickr ... oh my, discovering treasures from the past such as your sheperd's wife quilt is quite an awesome happening ! I understand the excitement !
    And oooooooh I could stare at your inspiration board for hours ... really. Thanks so much for sharing this personal corner of your creative space. Precious ! xoxoxo Have a great end of the week !! Lots of hugs oxoxo

  3. congratulations on Jane and thank you for the kind offer!

  4. I like your shepherd very much. So glad you've rediscovered her...

  5. Hi!

    I do know Jane. We met eachother in october 2008 on a quiltmeeting. Lovely lady! I will send her a message. By the way, lovely blog you have!

  6. Love your sheppard project and I'm glas your mold problem was easily resolved. Your my inspiration.

  7. Hi Laurraine,

    I am so glad to hear the mold was on the surface...I live here in Alaska, and we have had the same problem. When it gets really cold here and the furniture is too close to the walls, it doesn't let the air circulate, the cold air is trapped between the wall and the furniture so that mold forms. At least, that is the short version of the way my husband explains it to me! :) So, we just move our furniture out a bit when it is colder and make sure we have a fan running in the house to circulate the air. We have a small house, so one fan works for us. We do use bleach, but I really like Rachel's idea of using vinegar.

    Your linen birds are beautiful, as is everything you do! Lucky winner!

  8. Congratulations Laurraine:)
    Details on my blog

  9. We have the same mould problem here. In fact I believe it is only condensation and as another commenter said you just need to leave a bit more space between your cupboards and the wall to allow the air to circulate. Mould is not a nice thing, but at least it's only superficial. I hope you feel better about it soon and make more of your beautiful things!

  10. Laurrane you always make the most gorgeous things! You're one of my top 7 Kreativ BLoggers this weekend! :)


  11. And I say also congratulations to the winner from Sweden...........

  12. I love your blog!

    Glad you got the mould sorted, and found a new project to inspire you!

  13. Superbe tableau de textiles, toutes mes félicitations !

  14. Beautiful colors and composition! Looking forward to the finished object...

  15. I am glad you have been able to clear the mold Laurraine. It can be so dreadfully unhealthy. I remember our bedroom in our previous home was so bad I had constant breathing problems.
    You do have the loveliest space around you, and it has inspired me to start working on my little work space soon, too. I "finished" it about three months ago, but have not made it my own yet. Perhaps when the weather gets a bit better.

    Your newly found old quilt is such a treasure. I can imagine your happiness at rediscovering it! I wish you lots of inspiration finishing it. It already looks quite stunning.

    Hugs, annax

  16. Hiee Laurraine, is my very first visit to your blog, shop and flickr..i'm loving each and everyone of it. I love your work..really do! Your such an inspiration and im just happy to have discover your work. Have a lovely merry day!

    p/s : Congrats to the winner!

  17. glad to read the mold may be under control- i love your quilt of the sheperdess how about a pattern, thanks!


  18. Dear lauraine i admire your work and inspire all of us... i need help, with random. org how did you do it? we have 153 coments for our
    contest, and i don´t know how to use it. Thanks.

  19. Hello sweetie ! :) Just a quick stop to check on you ... where have you been hiding ? I'm starting to worry ...
    I hope everything is OK & that you're "simply" very busy. Do take care. I think about you. XOXOXOX Much love !

  20. Hi I have just stumbled on your blog. I am a new blogger from ONt Canada. We have just been told that we have mold growing under our pergo flooring in our kitchen. We had a flood and did not realize the damage until an insurance adjuster came out. So I feel for you. I hope you resolve this it is very dangerous to your health. Drop by and visit sometime Linda Love your birds and pincushions.

  21. Hi my Laurraine ! :) I hope you're doing fine & that you had a delightful weekend. I've been missing you & hope that you've been busy like a bee this past week ! Thinking about you tons xoxoxoxox much love your way !

  22. I can't wait to see that finished quilt! My love for sheep and shepherds are only slightly dampened by my wool allergies. :-)

    Soooo glad your wall trouble was not any worse than it was. Hooray!

    Hugs, sweet Patchy!

  23. love love love your blog, and the things you make!


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