November 24, 2008


What says COZY more than Storytime book pillows and the smell of bread baking in the oven on a cold day! I have been a bit slow with my blogging lately so I will try to catch up over the next week. I finished all my book pillows...

I always ask people what kind of software they use for editing their photos so I thought it might be fun to share my secrets. For the basics, I use photoshop. I fix the levels to brighten all my photos, adjust colours and crop. Sometimes, I have fun editing my photos using free online photo editing software called Picnik which I used on these 2 Book Pillow photos. My favourite tools to Create are 1960's for a vintage effect, focal soften, and orton-ish for a dreamy effect!

I realized after I made these book pillows that I had transferred the writing for the title labels in three different ways! The first method I used was to simply write onto the fabric using a water soluble pen and a keen eye for copying what I had printed out from my computer. It worked well but was not precise and wetting the piece afterwards to dissolve the marker stressed me out! The second time I made a label I hand wrote the title onto the paper side of freezer paper. I then flipped it over and traced over it on the waxy side of the freezer paper with a fine Sharpie permanent marker. I carefully positioned and immediately ironed it. The title transferred lightly to the fabric.

Don't ask me how I come up with these things! I know there are easier ways but expermenting and problem-solving is half the fun! I made the last label while waiting for my daughter at preschool. I forgot to bring any sort of marker or pencil with me but I had printed the font out with my printer at home. How would I transfer the title without a marker? I positioned the printed title on the fabric label and with my needle I poked through the paper into the fabric following the line. I poked and embroidered the letters one at a time until the title was finished! Problem solved :o)

And I will end this post with my latest bread creations from the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. After a lengthy fight with pancake-shaped loaves, I increased the flour for the basic boule to 7 cups. Perfect! I shaped them and placed them on a parchment covered cookie sheet and draped plastic wrap over top. I put them in the fridge overnight (10-11 hours) In the morning, I took them out of the fridge, sprinkled them with flour & scored the tops. Baked for 35 minutes in a 450 degree oven. The crust was crackley and full of tiny bubbles! Amazing!

I also made the tiniest loaves of bread I have ever seen! This one is 50% whole wheat and 2 slices fit on a teacup saucer! I can just imagine mini sandwiches for high tea!

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. well done you, the books look lovely and your so clever at the needle craft
    thank you for sharing


  2. Thank you for sharing your tips !! Your books are to-die-for !!

  3. Hello!
    I have been browsing your fantastic blog!
    Your art is amazing and so inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Regards from Tuscany.

  4. Will you be selling the book pillows or a pattern?

  5. Hello!
    I think I have read all your posts, I like your work.
    I have just created my own blog and I would like to add a link to yours. I hope it isn't a problem.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    Regards from Spain!

  6. Hi Laurraine,
    this is as beautiful as all the times. Thanks again for showing!
    Many greetings,

  7. Absolutna rewelacja!!!
    fantastic !!!

  8. Love the finished books and you're so creative at finding ways to do things...trial and error is half the fun like you said!! Your breads look so yummy too!! Can't wait to see you on Sunday! :o)

  9. Your book pillows are so cute--I love that idea. I have such fond memories of reading to the kids at bedtime every night, and wouldn't it have been extra special with handmade book pillows!

    I like your transfer idea about writing onto the wax side of the freezerpaper I might have to give that a shot! I usually do the poke method you described.

    Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!
    Smiles, Karen

  10. You have Fairy hands.
    Everything is beautiful. Gongratulations!


  11. I love that freezer paper idea-I would've never thought of it!
    I use picnik too....It's easy enough for someone like me who is not too tech savvy:)

  12. I never wrote you a comment but always follow you. You're simply great and give great inspiration to all of us, you know! many many many compliments from Italy

  13. Hi, Lorraine.

    Thanks for your comment today. I hope you & family have a very wonder New Year.

    By the way, I really really love your works, they are so beautiful and heart warming

    Lots of Hug from Story Quilt