September 14, 2008


This will be a "bit of everything" post to catch up from the last few weeks. Now that summer is over and my in-laws from Japan are finished visiting, I have had more time to sew and catch up with stuff around the house.

This first bit of news is something I couldn't wait to share with you! Last night, I checked to see if the cover designs of some books that I'll be published in were posted yet and was very surprised to find that my French Press Cozy was on the cover of Pretty Little Cozies! I am so excited but am trying not to keep my hopes up because the covers usually changes a couple times before it is actually published. This one will be out in May 2009.

The next tidbit of news is that my shop is now quite full! Yes, it has been quite bare for the last few months. I still have many TeaCup pouches in various stages of completion as well as House Tape Measures that I have just started listing.

I have also posted lots of Christmas ornaments, Tree toppers and a large Quilted Tree Skirt! All the Ornaments are now on sale for $5 each!

I am planning to make some of these fabric candy garlands for my shop this year. It was a personal project last Christmas which got amazing feedback from Flickr folk :o)

The last tidbit for now is that I am planning a couple little super easy and helpful tutorials. The first projects will include making your own labels and re-covering your ironing board...

Oh! ...and this is the card I made my husband for his birthday in August. I thought it would be fun to SEW a card :o)

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Qhat a great news!
    Cannot wait to see your tutorials :)

  2. Congratulations! Your book will be on my quilting library as soon as it gets published. Greetings from Middle East.

  3. I just LOVE my new tea pouch. I blogged about it today. Congratulations on your accomplishments.

  4. Wow...I'm pretty new to your blog...and your projects are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Congratulations! Your projects are so lovely and cool that they deserve to be on the cover.

  6. You are very diligent and magnificent what you sewed!!!!
    Monika from Hungary

  7. Congrats! (Off to check out your etsy shop...)

  8. Hi Laurraine, I always look (and drool) at your flickr gallery and today I came to your blog. And as I am a nosy person - Oh my! - I discovered you in Burnaby. I spent a couple of weeks there some years ago, as an exchange student and loved it!
    Congratulations for your talent and your amazing work - such an inspiration for the (very) beginners like me.

    I cannot wait for the tutorials!

    Congrats from Brazil!
    Maria Helena

  9. Congratulation!!! The cozy is my favourite, so neat work, lovely colors! The tutorial is a great idea, I`d love to see them! You really shocked me with the Xmas stuff, but you are right, I must start too;-)))

  10. that is so awesome. even if it doesnt end up on the cover, you have this image of it
    congrats, you deserve it, you do gorgeous work

  11. This is beautiful as always!!!!
    Thanks for showing us!!

  12. Congratulations! I will be collecting all the books with your patterns published. All your designs are fabulous. Keep it up!!

  13. just found you via whip up. OMGosh, LOVE your things. those tape measure houses? yeesh! i am just grinning ear to ear looking at this stuff! i'll be back!

  14. Your french press Coz is fantastic! Congrats on this beautiful cover. And iff your cover isn't going to make it, you still have this! And it's in the book!!

  15. I am new to the blog world, and you have inspired me loads!

    Oh, your work is just so beautiful! Congratulations for getting on to the cover, you must be so so pleased. What a compliment!

    Well I have added your blog to my favourite lists, as i am sure you will amaze me with more lovely things (no pressure honest!)

  16. I think your Christmas Tree Skirt is one of the best I have seen. I really like how you have done it. I also love your other things and you are very clever. Looking forward to future projects and will have to think seriously about your book. Great stuff!!

  17. Cute card. You're so clever.

  18. I need to learn how to make one cups, realmaente is very beautiful!

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  20. All your projects are wonderful.
    Your blog is one of my favorites.
    Kisses and hugs from Brasil.