June 9, 2008


I bought more fabric.

Even after I said I wouldn't.

As if a room full of fabric is not enough! But what can you do when you walk into a fabric store and you are bombarded with signs that say "BUY 1 metre, GET 3 FREE"!!! I walked out of Fabricland 2 hours later carrying more fabric than I knew what to do with! And if that wasn't bad enough I went directly across the street to purchase more at Fabricana! Well, one of the fabrics I came home with was this beautiful Joel Dewberry fabric in aqua & sage.

I noticed lately that my favourite 2 year old scrubby cloth was slowly unravelling and the hanging loop had fallen off months ago. I needed to save it! The new fabric was calling out to the dead scrubby saying, "I will turn you into a fabulous new Spa cloth!"

It turned out better than when I first bought it and it matches my bathroom colour scheme perfectly. I am in heaven with my new spa cloth and my favourite soap made by Bonnie King of Hello Crafty. I love the Refreshing Dead Sea salt spa bar like the one resting on the Joel Dewberry fabric and the BUTTON bar is amazing! Here are some more of her beautiful handmade soaps!

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Button soap! How awesome is that??? Sounds like you had a perfect day!

  2. It was actually last weekend but I am a bit slow at posting ;o) I felt bad using my button soap but it was so worth it. I will just have to get some more. The "Herbal Fresh" scent is awesome! She can make it in any scent or colour you want!!

  3. I am so glad you are blogging! I want to know more about you and what you do. I so am enjoying the french press cozy! It was definitely what I needed! It protects my FP while I am traveling also.

  4. what a gorgeous gift basket! I *LOVE* the soaps, too - off to shop now! <3

  5. I never seem to find shops that have such great sales! I can see why it would have been hard to resist. Your new spa cloth looks lovely - what type of fabic did you use? It looks nice and bumpy - perfect for the job. Those pretty soaps are sweet.

  6. I bought the scrubby cloth from Body Shop about 2 years ago... I think! It was unravelling so all I did was add the binding. It has jute or something woven into the front and the back is smooth and soft. I love it :o)

    I am addicted to the soap! I guess I must be the cleanest person in the world by now!!!

  7. Lucky you with the bargin fabric, i wouldn't be able to resist either. Love your spa set, and that soap is fab, im of to have a look now.
    I love the things you make !!
    Sarah x