June 6, 2008

Patchwork & Peaches

I started piecing this bag a few weeks ago. At the time, I was just piecing together scraps that looked amazing together not really knowing what the end product would be. I noticed that it went perfectly with one of my cute Japanese tea fabrics. I decided it would become another bag so quickly moved onto piecing another panel and quilting both sides.

In my creative frenzy, I cut the bias strips aligned everything and sewed one side together- only realizing after that I had not only forgotten to add the lining fabric but I hadn't even chosen fabric for the lining yet... enter the SEAM RIPPER!

As I was taking photos of the OOPS bag, I thought I would also post a photo of my little window photo studio set-up. A lot of people have been asking me what kind of amazing camera I use. The truth is that my camera is a pathetic Casio Exilim which I love. It is only 3.2 MP and has problems taking photos of anything red or purple.

I take my photos on my kitchen table which is right up against the brightest window in the house. I set up white boards to reflect the light onto the shadowed sides of my objects which I have only started doing in the last few months after reading a lot of do-it-yourself photo studio sites. It also helps if you have been using the same camera for six years ;o) I looked back through my Flickr photos and realized that lots of my early photos were very dark but it really helps to find the perfect spot in your home and if that fails then you have to be an expert at Photoshop!

I always wonder if my photos look as good on other people's screens as they do on my own. I worry if my screen set up is totally different from everyone else's and maybe things that look orange and bright on mine might appear dark and brown, or flourescent on the "other side".

And what is a crafty blog in the Spring without some mention of gardens! I planted a rosebush against the front of my house last year. Well, This year it is 12 feet tall and has over 40 buds on it. A few weeks ago it was off to a really rough start with a bout of powdery mildew. I decided rather than applying litres of chemicals around my front windows that I would remove the most affected leaves and hope for the best. I figured that if it was going to die then it just wasn't the right spot for it. All signs of the mildew have vanished! I am so happy that it survived because it is much more amazing than I had remembered. It is a glorious peach colour and smells so much like peaches that I want to eat it!

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Hi!
    I love your blog, I hope you'll update often!

  2. Lovely fabrics.
    It's a pity the photos aren't viewable bigger.

  3. Thanks Veronica! I am still trying to work out the bugs... I want the photos to be viewable larger too :o)

  4. I use a string of html code everytime I have to insert a photo from Flickr, where I upload it at original size.
    Then I change the address in the html code for the photo I wnat to insert time to time, and so I get the picture at medium size inserted in the post, the link to the Flickr page where people can view it at original size.

  5. Hi lorraine, it looks fantastic, and i have never checked to see if my pictures could be enlarged, im sorry i have no idea. Im actually terrible at the whole html thing!LOL. Im happy you have a blog now!!

  6. Gorgeous rose! I'm glad an environmentally (and personally) friendly prevention method worked so well!

  7. love the new blog!
    great idea on the photo taking, sometimes i am just lazy but it would be easy to just have two pieces of foamcore taped together that i could just throw on my table when i want to take a pic!
    hmm maybe you should try a few petals in a salad or iced tea?? unless of course you used chemicals on it!

  8. Your things always look spectacular on my screen. You are definitely doing it right!!! :o)

  9. Hi Laurraine,
    what a wonderful idea starting your blog. For more than one year, I "visit" you on flickr about twice a week and always fall in love with your beautiful and amazing works. I admire everything you make, because you make everything soooo fantastic.
    Many , many greetings from Germany!

  10. Laurraine, thanks for showing your photo set-up! I took your advice so hopefully my photos will improve soon ;-)

  11. Thanks for your photo studio advice!
    I'm trying to shoot good photos myself with a pocket digital camera and your photos are really nice.