October 4, 2018

A Magic Jar of Tea

Last week I made this mugrug as a practice patchwork block to get me back into the swing of things.

I was inspired by the colours of my Japanese jelly beans. I dove into my scrap baskets and embroidery floss to find matching greens & pinks. Inspiration soon struck, and a little teacup needed to be added! I decided to make a log cabin centered around this cute bunny fabric I found.

I spent a day or two trying to decide how to quilt it. I knew I wanted steam but steam everywhere would have looked a bit strange. I decided to turn it into a drawing a free-motion quilt a background image around the teacup appliqué. Not trusting my rusty free-motion skills, I drew the images on thin tracing paper first, pinned it in place, and quilted right through the paper. It was easy to follow the lines, I could see clearly, and I wasn't distracted by busy fabrics.

I love details...

I try to add a little bit of ribbon, buttons or embroidery to everything I make. I usually add embroidery after quilting rather than before. I started with the steam and just kept going and going but I had to force myself to stop before I went overboard! I added a touch of this lovely Tea Time ribbon that my friend Anna made.

"Loving the « invisible » tea jar!! Brilliant"

My friend Sonia left the above comment on my instagram. Depending on the light, the jar and all other quilting disappears and reappears making this a truly magic Jar of Tea!

Where did it go?!

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Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Oh it’s so sweet, you’re so clever xx

  2. I do so love this, with the soft pinks and greens.. and your darling embroidery, the magical tea jar and the little banner at the top.. and the teacup of course! Thank you for sharing you inspiration!

  3. A lovely piece! Perfect to have beside one's favourite chair where a cup of tea and a good book are enjoyed.

  4. Everything about your work is just lovely...EVERY! aspect. You are soo generously talented. I wish you sold ready made items for the lesser talented people like me... :-) .


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