January 16, 2017

Kitty Potholders

I love little projects! In our busy lives, there's always time to quilt something small. I also love log cabin quilt blocks. I have never designed anything using this simple block until now... enter the Kitty!

I wanted a quick & easy project that would use up some of my fabric scraps, that I could sew multiples and not get tired of it, that I could practice some free-motion quilting and not feel pressured, and that my family would love. My family members seemed to have one thing in common... they all love their cats!

I used fusible web for the cat and nose appliques, and the block is quilted entirely by machine... even the cat's face.

My favourite was the black cat for which I used a warm black plaid wool. Yummy!

The white cat was for my Mom. Unlike the others, I used an overall free-motion quilting design on this one.

The beige cat was for my brother. I had fun practicing different free-motion quilting designs in each section.

And the orange cat was for my daughter who loves our large orange Maine Coon. His whiskers swoop up at the ends and he is always purring... very loudly! She is an illustrator and has been working on her Copic marker collection which is why I chose the colour chart fabric for the back. That and it matched perfectly!

Everyone loved their kitty Potholders, and on Facebook they received lots of comments and pattern requests so keep your eyes open for this this one :o)

*I forgot to mention that my label tutorial can be found HERE.

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. So amazing!!! You are fairy quiter!!!

  2. Where do you get your labels? They are so cute!!!

  3. Never mind, I just found the tutorial on how to make the labels. :) Also, wanted to add, I can't wait for the pattern for the potholders. I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to make them without a pattern but having one will surely help. Love all your little projects! You are so talented!!! :)

  4. Thank you. My label tutorial can be found on the sidebar of my blog or via this link:

  5. Really cute pot holders, I love cats!

  6. These potholders are really cute. It could be fun to use them :) Have a great time :) Jolana

  7. do you plan to sell a pattern for the kitty in a log cabin? I'd be interested-- since it is beyond adorable!!