July 26, 2016


After a long break from blogging & sewing, I decided to organize my studio. Small changes inspire me. I think more clearly and feel more calm when things around me are neat and tidy.

The first thing I did was move my desk back against the wall to open up the space. I usually rotate it to face the window when I'm quilting a larger project. I also thought it was time to put some new stickers on my magic machine!

These thick paper stickers were from different scrapbook kits possibly by Simple Stories or Carta Bella. I love these stickers and now my machine is so pretty! It's calling to me from my computer... SEW! SEW! SEW!

As you enter the studio, there's a nook to left that houses my computer station, couch/guest bed, & IKEA Alex drawer unit that I've been patiently waiting for over two years and finally found on Craigslist last week for half price!

It is the new home to all my work in progress (W.I.P.). I liked the look of the chalkboard labels in a photo of it that I saw. However, there are too many things in each drawer so on the labels I wrote:


I'm a daydreamer at heart and get sidetracked easily. I have lists and labels all over the place. It helps me remember where I put things and keeps me focused. I'm doing pretty good so far ;o)

I removed the doors to this closet when we moved here six years ago. It's where I store most of my craft supplies, books, small pieces of batting & large pieces of fabric. At the opposite end of the closet, I recently added a shelving unit and a shelf above to hold my finished project bins. Last week, they were stacked on top of each other and jammed in the corner which made them very difficult to access.

It also houses large binders for my Ideas, Patterns & Stickers. The 'Ideas' binder is full of designs that I need to make into pattern booklets! I re-use empty tissue boxes by folding down the sides and using them as small baskets to hide clutter.

I keep all of my ribbons on the back of my door. I have tried many ways of storing ribbon and this is definitely the best. I found myself with overflowing tangled drawers of ribbons because I would dig through and unravel lengths to see how they would look on my project. Now I tie similar coloured ribbons to hinged metal book rings and hang them on wire door hooks. I attach wider ribbon & short pieces using binder clips before attaching them to the rings. Besides being eye candy, it's just so easy to just grab a few to audition for my teacup pouches!

I cut my fabric on the floor which is the permanent home of a 33 x 56" thick translucent cutting mat (Studio Collection by H.A. KIDD). I cut a hole right through my large Olfa mat! Thankfully I'm still able to work on my knees and I usually work on small projects so the mat is used mostly for squaring up & cutting binding. I do have smaller cutting mats that I use on my sewing table.

I re-organized my fat quarter shelves. I finally took my fabric out of bags after our moth problem a year ago. I had collected three extra bins and several piles of new fabric that I hoped would fit. Sadly these short IKEA Benno DVD shelves are discontinued. They are perfect craft shelves at only 6" deep. The finished fabric shelving unit is 42" tall x 7' wide. I used white wood trim to cover the gaps between the shelves, covered the top with 8" white shelving, and attached a cute scalloped edge cut from white cardstock. I may use wider shelving on the top and attach a rod behind the scallops for hanging a curtain to protect my fabric from fading in the sun.

I did manage to squeeze it all in except for my solids! I made room in two of the bench baskets and built lift-out cardboard inserts for easy access to both layers. The other baskets hold scraps & Christmas fabric.

I took a new self-portrait and I really like how it turned out. My space looks amazing and I'm surrounded by things I've made. What you can't see is that I'm surrounded by what looks like the aftermath of a hurricane caused by throwing all the messes out of the camera frame including a large fan lying on its side!

Of course my studio isn't neat all the time. Whose craftroom is?! When I really become involved in a project, fabric starts flying! (And my family starves.)

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Honey, thank you for the pictures and the story. Very interesting to look at all. I like the way you Fábregas. Many fabrics, tapes and other needlework treasures!

    Дорогая, спасибо тебе за фотографии и рассказ. Очень интересно все рассматривать. Мне нравится, как у тебя полчилось. Много тканей, лент и других рукодельных сокровищ!

  2. I love your job, I'm from Brazil, sorry for "mistakes" in my words, i don't know if you understand me but i want to say than you is an inspiration, i love swe and your job makes me very happy!!! good luck for you forever

  3. Haloo, your studio is nice and inspirable. You have done much work there.
    Have a nice summer.

  4. You have a very nice creative space! I can't wait to see what new things come from it. I haven't been doing as much sewing as I would like with summer in full swing here, but soon look forward to getting back to my sewing space. Starting with reorganizing is always a great way to get those juices flowing!

  5. What a gorgeous sewing room! I am more productive when my room is organized too.

  6. Gorgeous sewing room....I like!....

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your update organization ideas. I love how this all came together. Sometimes I think I reorganize more than I create ! But it updates me on what is stored here and there. I think more labeling on my part is necessary. I like your ribbon idea, I don't have doors or a closet so I've left mine on reels and in a wire basket. I peeped about and you have some very beautiful quilts and fun projects. Have fun with your new layout and can't wait to see what you will share next. Enjoy a lovely day.

  8. I'm about to start making my studio. Yours is an amazing inspiration! Glad to see you back, Laurraine!

  9. Hello! I am so glad to hear about you again :) Your studio looks great as always (before and after cleaning). Have a nice summer time! Jolana


  10. Isn't it nice to be part of the blog-world after all this time. It is the same for me. I really missed it. And I love popping around to see yours ♥
    Also thank you so much for your email. I am running around like a headless chicken at the moment, but will write you (hopefully) tomorrow. We have visitors coming from the US, and it is a bit mad here. But thank you again Laurraine. xxx

  11. I love your space and you've made wonderful use of all your nooks and crannies. What a job you have accomplished getting it all organized! Thanks for sharing. www.creatinginacottage.com

  12. A somewhat neat and tidy room is a requirement for me too. I can't sew when things are cluttered. I becomes too frustrating to find anything. Great job on getting everything organized. It's never a small task. I just wish it would stay that way!

  13. Oh no!! ANd now I want a wonderful craftroom exactly like yours, too!!! It' s really one of the most beautiful space for cre-activities I ever seen. Thank you!
    Elisabetta , from Italy with love.

  14. Your studio looks so wonderful and fun to be in. I love your patchwork patterns and mean to get some very soon! I need organization when I work too. I used to be more of a sewer but now do alot of paper crafting too.. and is hard to switch between the two... I do so love sewing and beautiful fabrics.. and I finally got all or most all of my fabrics stacked so I can see them.... rather than stored in tubs and boxes. I love gazing at them. Your studio is very inspiring and makes me want to get at my sewing machine to make one of your tea inspired projects. Marilyn from Oregon, USA

  15. From one daydreamer to another... just love your space! I too like to be organised before my mind is free to create. Your ribbon organisation is awesome, I'd never thought of doing that, and rarely use my ribbons because they're out of sight! Thank you for sharing your inspiring space! xoxo

  16. From one daydreamer to another... just love your space! I too like to be organised before my mind is free to create. Your ribbon organisation is awesome, I'd never thought of doing that, and rarely use my ribbons because they're out of sight! Thank you for sharing your inspiring space! xoxo


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