July 11, 2016


I've been uninspired for so long. I've still been quilting a bit but was frustrated with keeping my three shops, flickr, facebook & my blog up to date. Sometimes it gets in the way of enjoying what you make. I told myself when I began blogging that I would never apologize for my sporadic posting or lengthy absences from the digital craft world, and I'm keeping that promise. Sometimes life takes over and sometimes it throws you new interests. That's Life :o)

I have been gardening lately. I was very involved with it this Spring. My husband built two 4x8 foot garden boxes for Mother's Day (well... I showed him how to build the first one)! I filled it using the Lasagna Gardening method to save money on buying dirt, and planted it using another method called Square Foot Gardening. As soon as it started to grow, I was absolutely inspired! Because the garden is divided up into one foot squares and different things are planted in each square, my garden looked like a quilt!

It has been very wet and rainy... as per usual in Coastal BC! And cold wet weather means mushrooms! Everywhere! In my garden boxes! I thought I took some pictures but I guess I was too busy looking up poisonous mushrooms. I'm pretty sure we're safe. The only poisonous mushrooms I have are the painted metal ones under the persimmon tree. Mushrooms are so inspiring!

Inspiring enough to paint or make a quilt of these magical garden inhabitants! I'm quite excited about my quilt design. I haven't seen a scalloped edge turned into mushroom tops yet! I just have to figure out how to align the stems if the scallops are different sizes...

I also discovered Katie Daisy when I was searching the internet for mushrooms. I love all her whimsical artwork, her lettering, the quotes she uses, and her passion for nature. Thank you for inspiring me, Katie!

Yes... it's time to go play outside!

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Hi Laurraine!! Nice to see what you are up to!

  2. I love everything about this post, especially the painted mushrooms ❤️ How perfect that your garden is quilty, that made me laugh!

  3. Thank you for your story, photo. It's very interesting!

  4. Oh Laurraine,
    I can totally relate to your post.
    It has been literally years since I have been actually involved in the digital craft world. Life has been a crazy rollercoaster ride (and still is) and getting back again, feels good.
    I hope I will be able to keep going for a while ♥
    So good to see you again, too x

  5. I was going to say to you that nature is a great inspiration and suggest a walk in a wood or another idea , a trip to a museum to look at artefacts. Have you looked at the nature drawings of John Ruskin? He is a hero of mine. He was a very serious artist and his drawings aren't whimsical but they are beautiful.

  6. Thank you. Yes, John Ruskin's paintings are very realistic... just like how I used to paint :o)

  7. The quilt inthe first photo looks lovely, can we have a better look at it please?

  8. Do you have morels? We hunt them in spring. This year was not good as we didn't have rain and warm temperature at just the right time. They were elusive. When we have a good year, we enjoy mushrooms fixed in different dishes. Nice to see you back--totally understanding life getting in the way.

  9. I read somewhere that it takes a forest fire for morels to grow. I have never tasted one but I do believe they pop up here now & then!

  10. Lovely Garden! I loved it!
    Good luck and don't worry, be happy!
    Everybody now a days are busy, confused
    and doing everything at the same time!
    Enjoy your vegetables! 🌻

  11. So glad you are inspired again... for your sake and (selfishly) for mine!

  12. Wow, your garden is awesome. I love your mushroom watercolor and thanks for sharing the link to Katie Daisy, it looks like a fun site.

  13. Hi Laurraine! I'm glad you're writing again. It's good to know you're in good health and happy :)


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