March 6, 2015

Little Bunny

As promised, I would like you to meet the little bunny who is now named Flopsy. Flopsy has spent most of his life as a pile of folded fabric, and a Velveteen Rabbit-loving 4-year old's first doll pattern.

Unfortunately, he was forgotten for the last four years at the bottom of the basket. The velveteen chenille type fabric was a horror to sew. It massively shifted & unravelled even after heavy pinning and using the walking foot.

The huge smile on my daughter's face as I started sewing her long lost friend kept me from giving up. My Janome 7700 decidedly did not like trying to sew through many layers of thick fabric so I switched to my Elna 6005. It sewed through the layers like butter and layers shifted less even without the walking foot.

After many reinforcing stitches, Flopsy still had time to spend the day with me at the studio. He helped me out with some pattern booklet layout but quickly became bored.

I based his shape loosely on these bears I used to make from a Japanese quilting magazine. I enlarged the pattern and changed the shapes of the parts but put him together using the same method. I added quilting fabric because my daughter loves bright colours and patterns. She was thrilled to receive this little bunny on Valentine's Day!

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Absolutely darling! What a treasure for your daughter!

  2. He's gorgeous! Will there be a pattern that we can purchase?

  3. Oh, Sweet! Love the antics the little bunny has gotten up to!


  4. Podziwiam Twoje prace, są piękne! Flopsy jest uroczy:) Pozdrawiam serdecznie i zapraszam do mnie:)

  5. They're so cute!

    Best wishes!


  6. Floppy is very cute, bright and tactile! I'd choose him as my valentine any day! ;-) (shhhhhh don't let hubby hear!!!!)