March 23, 2014

Colourbrick Quilt

As you may have noticed I haven't been blogging lately but it seems that most of you now realize that I blog in spurts only when I'm feeling inspired to write which isn't very often. It's been a while and so I have many creations to share with you over the next few posts.

I will start with my Colourbrick quilt I finished in May. I based it on Stitched in Color's Colorbrick Quilt-Along. I made my brick wall larger, horizontal instead of vertical, and made the mortar sashing a bit wider. The finished size after washing & drying is 70 x 85".

I have been enjoying it all Winter because I used the most luxurious Hobb's Heirloom wool batting and it is OH SO WARM! My cat Percy agreed and much cat fur was quilted into the threads! It was the first time using wool batting and it was very nice for free-motion quilting. Free-motion scallops around each brick... what was I thinking?!

I never pre-wash my fabric so it shrunk a bit more than usual but I like the extra crinkly effect. The quilt feels nice and light even with the cozy flannel I chose for the backing.

I wanted this quilt to be really bright & cheery which was a challenge for me since I'm used to creating with neutrals and dusty colours. I found some fabrics I adore including some large teacup and bird prints, ABC Cookery, and Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley and Flea Market Fancy. Brighter, bolder, more modern fabrics have been creeping into my stash since joining the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild.

I pieced a single row of bricks into the backing which included a hand-stamped label. And of course I took the opportunity to add a couple more teacups ;o)

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. So greatful!!!
    Kindest regards from Angela

  2. Looks so lovely. Wunderful!!!
    Many hugs from germany

  3. Adorable as always! I am so glad to read your blog again.The quilt is realy delightful and lively.

  4. Your quilt looks great ... the quilting ... and colours ...

  5. I blog much the same spurts! I love this quilt! I think there is much cat hair in some of my quilts especially since I have 4 cats and they all love to lay on quilts, finished or not. I was really glad to read your review on the wool batting since I am about to quilt my first queen size quilt on my Janome and was considering using wool! Good to see you posting!

  6. Hi you! Good to see you hear again! I just love how you quilted this - the scallops and the brick pattern just give it so much wonderful texture.

  7. What a great way to showcase lovely fabrics! Such a nice result!

  8. Hi Ferne,
    Thanks so much for your lovely message! Have you pre-washed your fabrics? If you have, then your quilt might crinkle too much unless you lay your quilt flat to dry as recommended on the batting instructions. Mine has a nice old-fashioned crinkle as the cotton and wool both shrunk in the wash & dry. I washed in regular cycle with cold water. It didn’t seem to felt… I have washed it only once so far.
    Hugs & Happy sewing,

  9. Hi : I just read your blog and saw your beautiful design studio. I grew up in New West and know it well. I now live in Coquitlam and just started my own blog: I hope you visit some time. I love your designs and patterns!


  10. I am happy to see some new activity on your blog! And I love your new quilt too. I hope to read from you soon ;)

  11. What is is about cats and quilts.I have a simple lap quilt which our cat adores.As soon as she sees me getting it out, she's over in a flash and wants to lie under it!!
    Great quilt!

  12. It's nice to read and watch You again :) I'm not surprised your cat loves the quilt, cats always prefer the best things/places to have a doze :) Take care!


  13. Brillant, just what i Need.
    Gruß Sylvia

  14. Me encanta como te quedo,un bico

  15. Your work is gorgeous! Love the brick quilt :)


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