August 19, 2011

In the Heat of the Attic...

I haven't been doing much sewing. I want to thank those of you who continue to follow me regardless of sporadic blog posts and new patterns that never seem to appear in my shop. Life has been busier than normal. My daughter has been on Summer Break and I have returned to karate after a 10-year hiatus! The exercise is really helping me focus. I have been organizing and preparing my studio so that I will be ready when Claire goes back to school in a couple weeks.

Lots of work has been happening behind the scenes though. I finally worked out the kinks that were keeping me from making new patterns. The layout has been adjusted so that they are ready to be professionally printed if I decide to go down that road in the future. I have added some new sections including published patterns info, stitches & terms, and a conversion chart for those of you who work in centimetres. The biggest change is that PatchworkPottery Pattern Booklets are now illustrated! Local illustrator, Marie Tai, is doing an amazing job helping me make my patterns look spectacular! Thanks Marie!

I also opened a BigCartel shop! It works in conjunction with Pulley to provide customers with secure instant downloads. No more e-mailing the patterns to each individual... now they can download it themselves!! When I sell many items, the combined set monthly fees for Big Cartel & Pulley work out cheaper than my Etsy shop. It's also fully customizable. YAY!

Please visit my NEW PATTERN SHOP for the following patterns coming soon... House Tape Measure, Butterfly Potholder, Teacup Pouch including CoffeeMug & HotCocoa templates (I still need to take a good photo for the cover), and my new Crane Star paper-piecing pattern!

Marie also sews which is why she is great to work with. She just "gets" the stitches and layers of fabric that other illustrators do not. To see her sewn goodies, origami creatures & illustrated paper dolls, please visit Marie's Etsy Shop!

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Hello lovely Laurraine! :-)
    It doesn't matter how often or infrequent you post - you always inspire me and I'll always be checking in to see what you've been up to! I think your patterns look AMAZING, especially with Marie's illustrations - WOW! And your cranes... just take my breath away - the quilting is stunning! So happy you're enjoying karate again and making the most of Claire being home from school - it flies by way too quickly doesn't it? Big hugs my sweet friend!!!! I have both my children's birthdays this weekend but will email you properly next week! xxxx
    Vikki xxxx :-)

  2. Well done on taking the plunge with your pattern designs, they look wonderful. Hope they go well for you.

  3. I missed you!
    Actually, I'm not posting too, my summers are always too busy (and hot) to stay in front the PC and now I've become aunt and so much busier...
    Anyway, the new look with designs is great but your explanation photos were good too.
    I miss karate too.
    Big hugs,

  4. Lovely shop, Would I be able to buy the pattern you did for Cotton Life in your shop to? I was thinking about the little bag.

    Karin på Ösäter

  5. It's good to see you again. Your new shop is fantastic, I can't wait until that crane pattern goes up for sale.

  6. I've been thinking of you and it's great to have an update! That's cool that you're back to karate. Nice work on setting up the new pattern store, it looks great!

  7. Just discovered you - again - really enjoy your blog. Would like to follow, but can't find the 'button'.

  8. That crane detailing is crazy awesome! I have a cartel shop too and wondered how the downloading works out. Looks like a good plan!

  9. Yay! I was excited to see your post in my feedreader and I can't wait for the CoffeeMug pattern!

  10. Hello Laurraine,
    I'm so happy that you are back.I follow your blog and love all your things you make and write.
    I hope you find more time now to write and share with all your readers
    Flory from belgium

  11. Добрый день Laurraine!
    у вас великолепные работы,очень понравились.

  12. Your blog Good Design. I like this.