April 27, 2011

House, Leaves & Teacup

Here are a few more gifts that I made for friends & family. I made this sweet little Welcome Wall-hanging for a friend. The background and main part of the house are all pieced.

All the other small pieces including the letters, windows, doors, birdhouse and hearts are raw edge applique with fusible web. Note the mismatched socks hanging on the line ;o)

I noticed than I have been adding a lot more embroidery to my creations now and I am enjoying the hand-sewing immensely! I believe my method of embroidery is different than the regular hoop method. I make the quilt first and add the embroidery as the last step. Working from the top of the quilt, I sew through the top fabric and some batting and I avoid piercing the backing fabric. It works for me!

And of course I always love to add buttons! I usually finish the back of little wall-hangings with these little corner pockets sewn into the binding. Just add a small stick and it's ready to hang!

These scrappy Leaf Potholders are for my Mom on Mother's Day! I whipped them up yesterday using a tiny bit of my green scraps. I actually had no idea that these would turn out to be leaves! I started out sewing scraps together in a crazy quilt fashion :o)

I made the mini Teacup Pouch for my daughter. She said she needed somewhere to put her chore money :o)

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Oi Laurraine,

    Lindos! Beautiful.
    Beijo. Kiss.

  2. I really love your work! It makes me so happy to see such beauty!

  3. Love your work! So many beautiful things you're making!
    Have a great week,

  4. I love the pot holders, and the Tea Pouches and well I love everything you do! You are so inspiring!

  5. Very lovely items today! Your friends will love their little quilt and mum will love your leaf potholders. And of course an adorable teacup purse for an adorable daughter! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and of course those little helpful tips.

  6. OMG I love em all, but esp likeing the leaf pot holders.

  7. I like your work very mutch! Very beautiful things!

  8. L'ensemble est à la perfection ! Trop beau tout çà...

  9. I truly want to make EVERY SINGLE THING you design!!! Sure would love to see more of your patterns for sale...especially butterfly potholder, Tis the Season, Winter Wonderland, and many, many more! Please, please, please...LOL!

  10. Love them all. So beautiful.

  11. Que lindos trabalhos, parabéns...já somos tuas fãs de carteirinha! Grande beijo nosso e já estamos sempre por aqui te seguindo!

  12. I agree with Barbara, I want to make each and everyone of your designs, thanks for the posts and pictures, lovely!

  13. Muito lindo todos os seus trabalhos! São os mais bonitos que já ví! Saou sua fã e seguidora! Desejo que Deus siga abençoando todo trabalho de suas mãos!

  14. Awww, it's all adorable. The socks on the line totally make that mini quilt for me, and Claire's mini pouch is suuuper sweet!

  15. Bellisimo!
    Qué detalles!
    Zuly Castillo

  16. nice! wonderful! fantastic!
    greetings :)

  17. Comme d'habitude....merveilleux!! chaque ouvrage est un régal pour les yeux...merci de partager tes oeuvres!! Bravo!

  18. Amei tudo parabéns....
    seu trabalho é perfeito lindo de muito bom gosto...
    tudo de bom prara você.
    com carinho Laline Zacarkim

  19. Laurraine, such a lovely sense of who you are comes out clearly in your work.
    Thanks so much for the fun inspiration.
    Have you seen my new web site. custom quilts, T-shirts quilts and more.

  20. I love it!!=)) Мне очень очень нравятся ваши работы, чудесно!!!

  21. I like your work, it is beautiful.
    I congratulate.

  22. bellissimo questo blog...e i tuoi lavori sono semplicemente fantastici!

  23. I featured your leaf pot holders at Lines Across My Face in a fall leaf roundup.

  24. I love the Welcome House project with all the tiny details. The socks on line are just adorable. Just out of curiousity- how long did it take to make? Not sure I if would ever find so much patience in myself.


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