June 4, 2010

Linen & Green

Here is another quick little project for myself... nesting fabric baskets for the kitchen. I used a textured linen-look fabric for the outside and added cute little tags. I hand-stamped some ribbon, and made others from pretty tea ribbon created by Anna of Lilla Lotta. They are cute but next time I will quilt them so they are sturdier :o)

What a surprise when I found this peony in my back garden! I am enjoying my new yard immensely and will enjoy it even more once the sun comes out to play.

I must admit that I am proud of my baker's rack herb garden with the tiny greenhouse of strawberries on the top shelf. I planted thyme, parsley, both sweet & thai basil, cilantro, oregano, rosemary, sage, marjoram, tarragon, savory, mint and chives. I started most of the herbs from seeds so I can't wait until they grow a bit more to fill the pots. The only thing missing is an old metal watering can or two :o)

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


Leanne said...

Your kitchen baskets are so sweet, they look nice on the bench.

Love Leanne

Poppyprint said...

Gasp, your house and garden are so lovely!! What a back yard. Your herb rack is a fantastic idea, as are your be-ribboned fabric baskets. Love the stamp, Laurraine.

Anja said...

As we are going through a massive garden´s makeover I stopped breathing in admiration looking at your adorable backyard!
Your baskets look great, as your stuff always does!
Great your back in bloggerland!

Enga said...

Hi,Deine Körbchen sind soooo goldig und *wou* Dein Garten ist ein Traum
Ich schick Dir Sonne aus Deutschland
lg Enga

Hi,Rear ones, your Körbchen are charming soooo and *wou* your garden are a dream
I send to you sun from Germany lg Enga

Beate Knappe said...

wonderful back yard garden - Your baskets look great, as your stuff always does!
Great your back in bloggerland!

Bakarasz said...

Dear Laurraine,
I must tell you that I love your blog, it gives me constant inspiration! You are definitely my favourite quilter and blogger! The baskets are lovely and I fell in love with your stamped ribbon. Did you carve it yourself? The new house and the garden is beautiful. I'm glad to read more frequently from you, I hope it stays this way :)
Agnes from Hungary

Dolci Fusa said...

Just lovely baskets!

PatchCreationen said...

Hello, your baskets are wonderful and your garden also !
Greetings from Bavaria

Myra said...

I just took a quick peek through a lot of your wonderful blog. Very creative and inspiring! 8-)

lillalotta said...

Such a joy to see you are back! And with so much wonderfulness! [ although I am not surprised :) ]
Your new home looks beautiful. You must be so happy. xx

What Comes Next? said...

your baskets are darling, and I love the stamped ribbon. Gorgeous peony - pretty soon we'll be sitting in that wonderful backyard and stitching up a storm!!!

Madiza said...

I am sure it must be a great pleasure having a tea in your fantasitic garden with lovely baskets around! greetings Magda

Kathy said...

What a marvelous way to showcase your herbs! I sure like the way that shelving worked out. THe little pots look so cute on that baker's rack.

Patricia Oyole said...

Hello my dear friend!
Yes I'm still liing in Coral Gables and intend to stay here for good, despite the hot summer.
I'm so happy that now you have a garden and a cozy backyard, I'm through this phase of setting up a backyard for the family to have fun, and any hint you need for your herbs garden you just ask!! I'm now in a fruits trees phase. I've just finished my finals for my master's and now I'll be able to get back to Chiara's room, and as soon as I have some news around there I'll post some pics ok?
Lots of love and congratulations for your beautyful and sweet home!

Sonia said...

I missed you so dearly
I am SO happy to read you again today ! You have made three wonderful nesting baskets, the color & fabric combos are just lovely !
omg but you have an extraordinary garden, how super nice !!! I'm sure it is enjoyable all year long ! Just wish I could visit you there :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow--that is a pretty gorgeous looking back yard you have going on there! Cool. Love your potted herbs, it's so fun to cook with your own fresh herbs! Cute baskets too, cute storage is always a plus!
Smiles, Karen

Laura Lea said...

Perfect, so glad to see the stamped leaf ribbon and know that your garden is blooming! Congratulations on your new digs- pun intended! Have fun!

Jocelan Thiessen said...

I really love that drawing...it truly is kid inspired!!

quilterfaye said...

Hi, had to drop you a noteto say i love your nesting bags. Your backyard garden reminds me of the one special friends with green thumbs have in London Ontario.Beautiful!!

XUE said...

That is such a pretty back garden! You can dream while stitching in the garden! Happy warm days from Tokyo!

miriansabio said...

Your new home is a beautifoul!!! congratulations Laurraine. I´m a big fan of your quiltings (sorry, i´m brazilian, and my english is a very bad. I´m like you so mutch. kisses

Texan said...

Do you use a certain type of ink stamp pad to stamp on ribbon? and a certain kind of ribbon? Your baskets were lovely and love the ribbon idea!

mhairi said...

I love your ribbon, such a brilliant, quick and cheap idea to brighten up projects.