February 10, 2010

Keeping my Sanity

I think this is our biggest move yet... somehow in the last 3 years we have collected a LOT of stuff! Right now I am sitting in a corrugated forest surrounded by more tall towers of boxes. My craftroom is slowly being packed away but not as quickly as the rest of the house... I do need to keep my sanity after all!

Yesterday, Claire wanted to make a doll. She handed me a little drawing and some fabric and yarn that she "found" in my craftroom... I sewed and she helped stuff and even drew the face herself... and in one afternoon Claire had a new friend :o)

While I was packing a few of the trinkets away, I found a handful of acorn caps that Claire had collected in Autumn. I have some little needle-felted acorns from Lisa of Lil Fish Studios, and a few nylon and yarn acorns from Recycle Micol. I have wanted to make my own version of fabric acorns for a while to add to my collection. Thank you my friends for inspiring me!

My husband went to Japan recently and returned home with a Komaneko doll! She is the main character from a very sweet Japanese stop animation film. It is my absolute favourite because she is very crafty!!! However she didn't come with her handmade dolls so I re-created the girl doll upon Claire's request :o)

Expect to see more quick little projects during our move while I struggle to keep my sanity! Read more about our move here.

Here is the first part of Komaneko. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Thanks for sharing the vid - it's lovely. The dolls remind me of my creations.

  2. great idea springtime acorns
    makes me want to go gather fabric swatches.......thanks for the inspiration

  3. How do you do it? Moving house and still creating these beautiful things.

    Your daughters doll is lovely and I laughed at the video, so sweet! (beautifully made too!)

    You created the doll very alike!
    Good luck with packing...

    groetjes Evelien

  4. Oh yes, it´s very important to keep your sanity during moving to another house!

    And after we moved - for the last time - to our own house, I had to move my crafty room again and this alone took me three days. But it was fun to see things popping up after years ;o)).

    Komaneko ist sooo cute, I love those stop-motion things!

    Do you know Wallace and Gromit? They are fabulous as well!

    And because it´s carnivale around here, I have to say "ALAAF!"

  5. C'est adorable. It's very beautiful !

  6. So cute and what personality! Love your blog. Praying your sanity stays intact. xo,

  7. The acorns are super cute. The doll is fantastic. I could not make such a nice face myself!

  8. Hi L! So glad you are able to fit in some crafting time during the settling in phase. Thank you so much for sharing Komaneko - that was adorable!!!! Awesome make-out scene with popping up hearts! I'll show D after school, she'll love it. Are those on Japanese kids TV stations Saturday mornings? Your doll creation is just perfect and if you've read some of my posts from last month, you know I just have to have some of those acorns!!!! (how's Claire's cap supply?)

  9. Ohhh, I have just fallen in love with Komaneko. How incredibly cute. A new favourite. Where can I found more videos...?

    Your doll turned out perfect!

    I hope the packing doesn't get too boring or stressful and I hope you'll show us your new craft room once your settled.


  10. thank you so much for the adorable Komaneko video ... it's so pleasing, very different than us videos ... your acorns are darling ... moving is so stressful; i moved five times in one year, although the room was much smaller than i would have liked, i did set up a sewing room right away ... even though i didn't always feel like sewing or crafting, just sitting in the room, looking at my things was inspiring; i'm sure you'll get yours set up right away and feel much better about your move! best wishes ...

  11. That is the cutest doll! And I love those acorns...keep sane during the move

  12. I LOVE the Komaneko doll & what an excellent job on the recreation of her doll!! We'll need to catch up soon! xoxo

  13. Everything you make is BEAUTIFUL :)

  14. Have just seen the pictures of your beautiful craft room and I feel your moving pain; we've had two move dates cancelled over the last few weeks and are living surrounded by boxes and growing frustration! Happy new home for when you get there!

  15. Oh! They are sooo cute! And Claire´s new doll also too!

  16. I'm so impressed you can make an adorable doll in one day while packing for a move. Next I'd like to see the cape you made for yourself: "Superwoman!" Hoping your move goes smooth from here.

  17. Hi laurraine, i love ypur acorns

    beutifulls projects¡¡¡

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  19. hi, i was visiting your blog and seeing so lovely things you've made, they're really cute. The doll is lovely same as the acorns. Beautiful projects. Congratulation for the things you make
    hope you're having a great weekend
    best wishes

  20. I love the video -- so sweet! And so well done! And your doll looks just like the one Komaneko made! Good luck with the move. Keep up your marvelous "sanity" exercises!
    Karen in VA Beach, VA

  21. Children would love to own such a hand made soft doll.they are adorable.The work is eat and nice indeed.

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    For me it was wonderful to have your visit.Thanks.
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  23. I just can't get over how lovely your acorns are. You have the magic touch. Best of luck with your move.

  24. Ola Laurraineádorei o teu blog.
    Posso te fazer compania.
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    Quem sabe se voce vai entender a minha lingua.

  25. wow !
    what you do is so nice !

    The only thing I can say is "BRAVO" !!

  26. Those acorns are just too cute!
    Actually, everything is. :)

  27. Complimenti per tutto ciò che ralizzi!
    paola (ITALIA)

  28. Hope your move is going well and that you'll be able to return to blogging soon. The springtime acorns are really adorable.

  29. So, have you moved? I miss new posts. Good luck in your new home! Kisses, Patricia Neri (Brazil)

  30. Congratulations
    Day of the Craftsman
    Beijos fondly
    Mô =)

  31. Ola garotas, voces nem sabem quanto tempo eu estou procurando este modelinho.
    Quando era criança tinha um brinquedo assim, e gostaria tanto de repropor.
    Não quero ser invadente, mas vocês poderiam explicar mais ou menos como se faz?

  32. Qué hermosura, como me encanta este video y los muñecos. Por qué no colocas el traductor así nos podemos entender mejor. Un beso grande desde Argentina, admiro tu blog y tus trabajos.

  33. I enjoyed your creations!!



  34. Hi, Laurraine.
    Your blog is amazing. I'll keep followin you.
    Everything is absolut fabulous!!! I loved your daughter's doll.
    Come visit whenever you can.

  35. I love your video--cottonreel


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