May 5, 2009

Tea Time

Tea and Lavender...
two of my biggest addictions!

I have been addicted to making these little lavender-filled teabag sachets. I have made lavender teabags before but my goal this time was to make something cute and more my style using fabric scraps. The idea came about when I was trying to come up with a little "surprise" to send with signed copies of books in which my patterns have been published. I find making them so relaxing...

I made the tea tags using a cute stamp I bought from CraftPudding. I love my new Tea Time stamp set! I seem to be stamping everything with them lately! Even stickers for my packaging :o)

Moving on to real Tea Time... I had a wonderful tea party at my home with my two of my best friends. I used my new high tea tray for the first time filling it with all sorts of delectable goodies! I made very lemony poppyseed cupcakes with lemon cream cheese icing, super chocolatey walnut banana bread, chocolate covered strawberries, and crêpes with pear preserve sprinkled with confectioner's sugar. Yummmm...

Why am I not surprised that my 4 year old daughter is drawing teapots & teacups?! Wait a minute... that teacup design looks an awful lot like my teacup & cofeemug pouches ;o)

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. ahh! everything is so so so fantastic and charming!

  2. The tea bags are super cute and absolutely your style! I think Craft pudding will notice an increase in stamp orders after this... I think I'm going to have to do a "copy cat" on this one, in my style ofcourse :-) It's a perfect gift!

  3. Hola,Laurraine,esas bolsitas de té son preciosas,como todo lo que haces,me han encantado tienes unas ideas geniales,felicidades!!!

  4. I share your addictions. :)) I made similar teabags and I also sent them out as gifts. :)) The high tea tray is fantastic. Is it going to be a gastro blog, too??? :))))

  5. Your daughter is an artist! :D

  6. The teabags are so cute, but the tea time ot your home looks wonderful I would like to go too. I hope you enjoyed the tea with your friends.

  7. Just discovered your Blog, and wow such a nice beginning! I love your lavender tea bags! What a fantastic idea!
    I'm going to read more on your Blog!
    Dorith Wielinga
    The Netherlands

  8. so cute!!! wonderful...complimenti for tea bags and the others "creatures" in your blog!

  9. Hi sweet Laurraine :)
    I remember you had made lavender teabags in the past, but I understand they're addictive, they're all so cute ! Your customers must be so happy to get them !
    The REAL tea party looked like a blast ! You're a Domestic Goddess my dear !!
    And Claire's drawing is simply darling !!! xoxoxoxo take good care !

  10. popped pver from FLickr.. your little lavender sachets are so sweet! what a great idea!
    sweet blog too!

  11. again some lovely creativity! I always look forward to your next post! I continue to enjoy my french press cozy and would be lost without it! Love the new book and it is on my list to purchase!

  12. I found your blog a little while ago and love to read your new posts. You are such an inspiration. Your lavender tea bags are such a great idea. I may have to make something similar especially as my lavender bush is full at the moment. It looks like your daughter will be following in your footsteps.
    Jane 80)

  13. Thank you for such amazing information...... Please check out the blog mentioned below, its really cool !!!! Also there is an amazing Tea Game.... Check it out I'm sure you'll love it.

  14. All your tea theme creations are great. Love the lavender sachets. Your tea with friends tray looks yummy.

  15. Dear Laurraine,
    I recently discovered your lovely blog, and I have been enjoying it so very much! You are so creative and talented! I love all the beautiful things you make! The lavender-filled tea bag sachets are so sweet! I love how you used fabric scraps and incorporated those adorable rubber stamps into your project.

    Your tea time looks so wonderful!!! All of the food is so pretty, and sounds so yummy! I love how you have the table set, and all of your pretty tea things! So glad you and your best friends enjoyed a lovely tea party!

    Your little girl is adorable and is very talented, just like her momma! I love her drawing!

    Have a wonderful day! Thank you for all you share!

    Love and blessings,

  16. Adorable! Dang, I think my invitation to your beautiful tea party must have gotten lost in the mail! It looks absolutely gorgeous and yummy!
    Smiles, Karen

  17. Love your tea party china and really love your red tea cup.

    The teabags are great too!

  18. Hi...
    I often visit your blog and I wonder your work. It's terrific!
    Now I'm studying English again, I will visit your for many time.
    Carla Pianchão

  19. What a lovely post - and well done to your daughter for such a great drawing. Long may your genes influence her!

  20. Cute tea bags! Love the stamps, do you have to use special ink to stamp on fabric?

  21. Hello! I've been folloing your blog for a long time ,but I haven't written a comment yet.I absolutely love the things you make,and admire your talent and taste....
    Your daughter's drawing is very cute ,it might be used for making a nice little stitchery...I just love it..
    Have a nice day!Manka

  22. beautiful are thy love thy Teebeutel.Ich
    Teetassen.Wo are the instructions for the cup
    and the plate.
    I have the book Pretty Little Cozies'
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  23. Awesome! Love those little sachets, and your high tea looks perfect...yummmm.

  24. Your tea bags are so cute, great post, having a tea party with friends is the best!! I love your daughter draw its so cute !!


  25. Hey, the tea bags are very nice and your blog also! Please can I take your blogname to my links?

    Many greetings from berlin

    Ute Meier

  26. I really like your handmade needlecraft creation. Especially those tea bags that you created...Because I like to drink black tea and green tea. But it must be without sugar and milk ^_^

    Do you have any idea how to learn the sewing skill? I am a very fresh sewing learner ^_^

  27. You certainly know how to bring tea to a new level! Those teabags with the lovely tea time stamp look very posh.

  28. Love your tea bags and your tape measure houses. Later on, I will be back for more goodies, have a lovely weekend, Carolyn x

  29. realmente maravilloso te felicito me enamoré de tu blog y me haré tu seguidora sin lugar a dudas a mi me gusta trabajar con tela reciclada amo el patchwork y la pintura saludos desde chile

  30. I love the "tea" bags. You have amazing ideas and a great sense of colour.

  31. ooohhh... so nice these tea bags!!!! I love them!

  32. Those are utterly brilliant. YOU are utterly brilliant.

  33. Hi, I love your work.Wish you re in my neighbourhood so I could learn from you.
    Good day!

  34. Ciao. Queste immagini sono veramente molto belle. Complimenti

  35. It's a great idea to put your lovely teabags with your books!
    ...and what I can say about Claire...she's so clever at drawing!!!...but with such a mother as you, it couldn't be otherwise!..a new star is born! :)
    Hugs and kisses from your new friend and fan in Italy
    Grazia :)

  36. Nice work for a nice reunion!!!

  37. Lovely thease lavender thea bag!! Congratulations! Hughs from Brazil, Luciana

  38. Hello! I'm from Spain and just discovered your blog. I love it! I really share with you the love about tea and patchwork. I will read your blog more times!
    A huge kiss from Granada!
    (sorry if my english is not very good!;-))

  39. Your blog and your work is so amazing! I cannot believe that I haven´t seen you and the blog earlier! I just spent a wonderful afternoon (with some tea!) reading all your past posts. What a great way to spent a stormy afternoon! Thank you!


  40. hi, laurraine; i'm vivi from argentina; i have been visiting your blog from some time, but this is the first message i leave you
    i love ! your work :D
    i am now in a swap with tea theme, and i came here for inspiration
    big big kisses from the south of the planet!

  41. OMG!! I LOVE your blog! And those little tea bags - divine!
    x Sarah

  42. May I suggest that you copy your daughter charming design onto a piece of muslin and and outline stitch it and then make it into a little wall hanging. It is darling.

  43. Those tea bags made from fabric are goegeous, you are very clever. I love your blog, you make such lovely things,


  44. I absolutley adore this blog, I just came across it. Your work is absolutley stunning!! keep it up : ) xo

  45. beautiful:)
    your blog and your work is amazing!!!
    best regards from Poland

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  47. I come in and check your blog every couple of days and you have not updated it and I am beginning to think you have dissapeared into cyber land...I hope all is ok with you and have just been super busy designing some wonderful things :) I love all you have done...very pretty :)

  48. Hi Laurraine!
    This blog is one of the most amazing I have ever encountered while surfing the www. Or maybe I should rather say that it is not the blog, but actually your works/projects! Beautiful, amazing, extraordinary... can't find any "prettier" words.
    And I'll be back ;)

  49. Oh I just love those teabags, they are just adorable & you know I just love tea parties too!

  50. Hope all is well with you and your family - I check in often and miss your sweet entries.

  51. Patrícia BocaiuvaOctober 05, 2009 3:04 PM

    You are such a great artist. I enjoy reading your blog and being inspired by it. Congratulation!

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