December 18, 2008

Santa, Birds & Angels

This was the first year that Claire has been excited to see Santa. For the last four years, photos with Santa have been family potraits including Mommy & Daddy but this year she decided that she would be okay by herself! She is such a big girl now... so big that I was surprised when I heard her ask Santa for a Hello Kitty Sewing Machine!!! I guess she wants to be just like her Mommy :o) She has been a very good girl this year so I am positive that Santa will bring her what she asked for!

I realized I forgot to add a picture of my Christmas baking in the last post so here is one to torture you! I made Cranberry & White chocolate biscotti, Butter Tarts with Walnut & Orange cream cheese pastry, Whipped shortbread, Ginger Crackles, Almond Roca, and aqua coloured White Chocolate Balls- some rolled in coconut- to match my aqua Christmas theme this year!

I whipped up these new linen bird ornaments last week after being inspired by the many beautiful birds on Flickr. See my Inspiration Mosaic. I adjusted my pattern as I went along and am happy with the final shape. The pink one was the first draft... the tail needed to be fuller. The blue one was next but the bottom needed to be a bit rounder. The rest were made with the adjusted pattern. I will be making a few for my shop throughout the year and filling my shop with them for next Christmas along with the fabric Candy Garlands that I didn't have time to make this year.

It snowed this week! We usually don't see much snow in Vancouver and if it does, it usually comes in February. It was a delightful ans beautiful surprise. Claire had fun yesterday and today making snow angels in our yard. Unforunately, the snow was too powdery for making snowmen. I hope you all have a White Christmas!

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Dear Laurraine!!!
    So yummy to see all these nice bakery!! And Claire is such a little sweet lady!
    I wish you wonderful Christmas with lots of fun and all the best for and the family. Have a healthy New Year!!!!

  2. Such a perfect shoot with Santa and Claire! Like a real cristmas card! :) Her cristmas wish: lol!

    The little birds are very nice- how brilliant is the tail! It was intresting to see the changes until they get their real forms.. :)

  3. What sweet pictures of adorable Claire. And so impressed with your baking, lucky recipients...
    The birds are so cute. Thanks for sharing!

  4. It's beautiful
    Merry Christmas !

  5. Oh dear, a sewing machine for Xmas? Now you've done's good bye Barbie, hello Fat Quarters, LOL! Way to go Claire, you taught her well.=)

  6. those birds are really beautifull !

  7. Oi amiga.Vim te fazer uma visitinha e estou encantada com tão lindos trabalhos.Adorei tudo.Feliz Natal para voce.bjtos.Nile.

  8. What a fun-filled post! I'm going to try to make whipped shortbread the birdies and your adorable snow angel-maker. Merry Christmas Laurraine!

  9. magnifique !tu as un blog superbe! tu es une fée!!!! j'aurai voulu le modele de tes oiseaux, si tu pourrais me le donner, merci d'avance et felicitations!!!!!!!! bisous

  10. so beautiful--everything on the blog and in your flickr collection. thank you for all the inspiration. i have a thing for birdies, so I'm in love with these. my son has asked for a "birthday tree" forh is March birthday. they will be perfect little additions to the ornaments. i'm headed back to the northwest--Seattle area today from the Wisconsin snow. happy snow in Vancouver!