December 21, 2008

Felted Hats & Snow Boots

In my last post I talked about my adventures in making my first felted hat. Well, here it is finally finished with my first Button Flower pin. I ironed the fabric to the felt with fusible webbing and then cut out the shape. I really like how it turned out. I mentioned in my last post how I prefered the hat BEFORE felting but I have totally changed my mind! I have been wearing it outside every day and have fallen in love with it! It is very warm and keeps my ears nice and toasty... I also get lots of compliments :o)

It has been snowing again for a full 24 hours! Craziness in Vancouver where no one is ever prepared for SNOW! Today we braved the snow to search for much-needed winter boots. We were luckier than most because our Honda CRV has four wheel drive however we still managed to slide a few times turning corners. We didn't get stuck and wore our new boots safely home.

Todays roads were bad and I'm certain the highways are worse. I don't think we will be driving the 8-9 hour trip to my parents' for Christmas this year...

I really like how the colours in my hat are the same as in the snow photos!

I made these tomatoes last week to add to Claire's Grocery basket... I'm afraid that she may only get one carrot and two tomatoes for Christmas because all this snow is making me want to crochet and felt more warm hats! These beautiful colours were calling out to me from my yarn bowl!

However she will be getting this ball that she asked me to make for her. She even chose the fabrics all by herself... not bad for a 4 year old! :o)

Have a safe & happy Christmas!

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. Hi Laurraine,
    how cute the hat is and that flower is great, too!!!
    And snow in Vancouver, that will be a fantastic Christmas.
    I wish you and Your family a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthful 2009.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. beautiful things you have gezaubert again.
    I'm begeistert.Verzeih my bad english (google translation) I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Kind regards,

  3. Hello! Found your Blog just in time to say Happy Christmas and looking forward to seeing more lovely things next year! x

  4. That hat looks great with the flower, which is also fabulous. I'm glad you like it now as you are definitely going to need it with all that snow! Is this the effect of 'global warming'?
    Have a warm and cozy Christmas!

  5. I love the hat and that flower is the perfect finishing touch to it! Well done!! Merry Christmas to you!

  6. Such a pretty hat and the tomatoes are so cute. Merry Christmas!

  7. Love the flower and the tomatoes are fantastic!
    So it looks like all of Canada will have a white Christmas this year. How great is that !I miss Canada.....
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful and merry Christmas and all the very best for the new year!
    Sue :0)

  8. I absolutely like your felt hat, it's wonderful. I envy your snow and the capability in doing everything with such great style. You're great!
    hugs from italy

  9. Hi Laurraine !!
    Yeah for the snow fall, though it apparently makes your trip to your parents' impossible. (or maybe I didn't get correctly)
    The flower brooch addition is splendid, sweetie, the flower is perfect !! Great job again ! *Ü*
    The new hat's colors are sooo yummy !! :D Another hat for you ? or for Clare ?
    Big big hugs to you & C, sweetie. Take good care !! oxoxoxo

  10. I love your felted hat! I need something along these lines that is warm and stylish! I must learn to crochet :)

  11. Thank you everyone! You are right Sonia... We can not go to spend Christmas with my parents like we do every year. The driving will be too dangerous. Merry Christmas!

  12. The hat is adorable and I just love your tomatoes -they look so REAL! We have a lot of snow, too, down here in Everett -if it weren't for my hubby's Jeep, we would truly be snowed in!
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat Laurraine!! It is sooo beautiful and the flower is so cute! Looks like you've been pretty busy leading up to the last few days before Christmas!! All I've managed to do is bake, everything else has been put on hold as we've had a lot of visitors. Your little birdie ornaments are adorable too...have a Merry Christmas and we'll see you in the New Year! xoxo

  14. What a beautifully stylish hat, you are so talented. We looked into moving to Canada a few years back, but elderly parents held us from making the final plunge. It is still something we dream of though.

    Mr P may be working in the States for a couple of months next year, though.

    Take care in the snow, and have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous and luck filled New Year.

    Somerset, England

  15. This is the first time that I visit your blog, and this charms all works that you make for me. Often I will visit your blog. Good Christmas, kisses,

  16. I wanted to thank you for the smiles you bring to our hearts with your beautiful creations. It's a pleasure to visit your blog and get inspired with your work. Thnaks for all the smiles you brought to me this 2008. I wish you the best for the next year.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!!

    Georgina in Middle East

  17. Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones, my friend ! I hope you're not too sad not to be able to go to your parents. Better be safe. Thinking about you ! Thanks so much for stopping by !
    PS : will have to convo/email you for the soap & other things. Big hugs xoxoxo

  18. Laurraine,
    Your felted hat turned out absolutely lovely. It is always such a feast for the eyes whenever I visit your blog. I always marvel at your creativity.
    I would like to wish you and your family a healthy, happy, and safe holiday season.
    Mele Kalikimaka and Hauoli Makahiki Hou!

  19. Hi Laurraine, My name is Andrea and I`d like to buy some books and projects created by you. How can I get it? I´m from Brazil and I love your work. Congratulations! Email: Please send me an answer.

  20. Cuantas cosas bonitas nos enseñas siempre......FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!!!! para ti y toda tu familia Besos desde Valencia

  21. Happy new year !! Keep up with your lovely blog :-)

  22. Gorgeous hat! I love the flower!

  23. i Wish you an Happy New year !
    I love your blog (so cute things)

  24. Happy New Year Laurraine! How are you making out down there in the lower mainland, we are doing good up here in PG but tons of snow!!! I just came down for Christmas & the roads were really bad! Take care!

  25. lots of goodness in the post - i love the hat, the brooch and please send us some snow - I'd love that!

    Happy New Year!


  26. Laurraine is kind!
    I am your big fan from a little country from Hungary, Budapest.
    I read your blog always and I like your more beautiful things very much at the one with the pleasure prepared with the needlework, a big trouble.
    Being late slightly wish for you and your family Happy New year!


  27. Beautiful things!!
    Love to have a walk through your little world!!
    waiting for your new entrance!!!

  28. I'm in love with those tomato's! Really cute! You're so right; the colors of your hat exactly match the colors of the snow. I felted a hat for my Grandma-in-law last winter and have been thinking that I really want one for myself. Maybe before the winters over...

  29. I have an award for you!
    come on over to pick it up....

    Alex x

  30. having just stumbled across your blog.....normally I live in Edinburgh-UK, but currently am backpacking in Qld Australia, so have had the time to read ALL the previous posts...awaiting the next instalment m'dear!!(nae pressure there!) take care,belated Hogmany greetings ofrm down under...