October 26, 2008

Quilt by the Bay

Never before in my life have I been able to spend 13 consecutive hours focused solely on quilting! "Quilt by the Bay" in Lion's Bay was my first ever quilting retreat and what a wonderful experience it was!

There were more than 20 busy bees working on all sorts of amazing quilting projects. Delicious lunch, dinner and snacks were provided throughout the day. We were even shown a fancy new way to fold fabric for cutting binding. Many thanks go out to the wonderful ladies I met there and Krista Hennebury for her hard work organizing the whole affair!

...and special thanks to everyone who purchased crafty goodness from me, and to the rest of you reading this... YES, there ARE leftovers!

Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts :o)


  1. I suppose it was very exciting ! I'd like to do such a retreat )))

  2. Complimenti !!!
    Che fatica :0)
    Seguo sempre il tuo blog, sto cercando d'imparare l'inglese e di fare lavori in patchwork meravigliosi come quelli che fai tu !!!
    A presto, Carol

  3. Fabulous - 13 hours of uninterrupted quilting with a group of friends. I so want to do something like this. I am going to attend a workshop at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, but a retreat, up in the mountains somewhere (like Montanna, or New Mexico) - now that would be my idea of heaven!!
    Love your blog. I've linked to it a while back and visit often. You have a wonderful "style" all your own.

  4. Hi Laurraine !
    Great to see you had such a fab time at the Retreat ! Sounds like heaven ! :D
    I wish you a great week ahead ! Big hugs XOXOX

  5. Looks like a fabulous time! When I read your post I thought, hmmm Lions Bay isn't that far from me, I wonder where she lives. (I live in Gibsons)Anyway, very nice to 'meet' another BC quilter and blogger!

  6. Hello my name is Veronica is of Argentina, is very happy with your creations, is very pleasant to see your talent and is very inspiring, also gustaria to know to me as they are the small houses on the inside profit not to decipher since a kiss Vero estan done you .saludos shipment

  7. So glad you could join us Laurraine! Everyone loved your work and enjoyed meeting you. Thanks for the lovely post and I must say: don't we look fab in our smart-girl glasses!

  8. You really have a great smile in both pics of you... showing what a great time you're having! I'm happy for you.

    I went to your shop but didn't see the "leftovers" of your work. Are they yet to be listed or are they all gone?

  9. It was wonderful meeting you at QBTB. I love my purchases and have them on the desk to enjoy looking at them. Hope you can join us again.
    Jo Ann

  10. You look so happy and stress free in the pics! Quilt retreat looks like a good thing! :-)

  11. I go to two retreats each year. It used to be we started on Friday and stayed until sometime on Sunday, now the have added another day if you want so we get there around noon on Thursday and stay till Sunday! We do get some sewing done but lots of visiting with friends old and new!

  12. sounds like a load of fun and you must have got a lot done by the looks of it too!